BHlthSc (Rehabilitation Counselling), Certified BSP & Expansion Practitioner

Chantale is the CEO of Chantale Marie Addiction Recovery, serving high performance individuals in navigating early recovery from addictive behaviours. In this role, she has partnered with The Banyans Health and Wellness, since its inception, due to the quality of its team and therapeutic programs.

Chantale is an Interventionist and Specialist Counsellor for Addictive Behaviours, with a wealth of experience in the addiction recovery sector internationally. She has over a decade of experience immersed in the field of rehabilitation, working across Canada, America, Asia, Europe, the Middle-East, and Australia.

Her mission is to accompany clients along a journey of self-discovery and self-mastery; to relieve the pain and suffering caused by addiction; and to provide a pathway to long-term recovery and healing.

Identifying a strong need for culturally specific addiction recovery services, Chantale co-founded a non-profit organisation for culturally specific communities in 2011. In 2013, she founded ‘Addiction Intervention’, later named ‘Chantale Marie’, to address the critical need for early intervention and to provide addiction counselling services. Within months, she was providing services to professional sporting groups and corporates, working with renowned elite athletes and high-level executives and CEOs. Chantale now also delivers workshops to schools and universities, and is the preferred facilitator of family interventions for many of Australia’s largest rehabilitation centres.

Chantale has presented at numerous conferences on addiction, family interventions, and pathways for residential services, including the ANZ Addiction Conference, the UK’s Elite Sports Expo London, and the NSW Sports Medicine Australia Conference.