Dr Sue Splatt is a highly experienced and esteemed Registered Psychiatrist at The Banyans. With twenty-six years of experience in her field, Dr Splatt is recognised for her exceptional clinical knowledge, interpersonal skills and prior work in multidisciplinary rehabilitation. Holding a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, Dr Sue Splatt is also a Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists.

Dr Splatt plays a vital role in assessing guests’ mental health, providing comprehensive diagnoses and treatment options to both the guests and The Banyans team. She brings a wealth of experience in assessing the effects of comorbid medical and substance use disorders and liaising with multidisciplinary teams to ensure comprehensive and holistic care for guests. Dr Splatt finds fulfilment in relating to people and understanding their unique challenges. 

In her spare time, Dr Splatt enjoys reading, walking, swimming, playing golf, watching sports, and gardening, reflecting her well-rounded interests and commitment to maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

With her extensive experience, clinical expertise, and compassionate approach, Dr Sue Splatt is a valuable asset to The Banyans team, providing outstanding psychiatric care to guests seeking mental health support on their wellness journey.