Most people choose to fund programs at The Banyans themselves, alongside family or through their business. However, other options are available.

Programs may also be funded through releasing superannuation early, payment plan solutions, government funded options including DVA or NDIS, or partially covered through private health insurance ‘extras cover’. The Banyans works with these guests to refer them onto the appropriate teams for support in submitting applications needed for these funding options.


If you are choosing to fund a program yourself, our Intake Team will provide you with a quote based on your individual circumstances after an initial discovery conversation. Your tailored program will then be finalised after completing an Intake Assessment which the Clinical Team will review. We have both direct debit and credit card options available and will provide invoices and receipts following payment.


Once our Intake Team have recommended a program based on your individual needs and goals, we will connect you with a consultant who specialises in the release of superannuation for mental health and dependency treatment. We have a 100% success rate of superannuation application approvals. Under the Compassionate Release of Super Program, you can take money from your super. The program is administered by the Australian Tax Office and allows superannuation holders to release money from super under Mental Health.

Want to know more? We work with Release My Super who can provide you with further guidance on the process.



Payment Plans

Funding a program at The Banyans can be spread over time using a few different services. If you do decide to pursue this option, our Intake Team will put you in touch with a company that specialises in financing treatment and healthcare. They accept applications from guests of The Banyans, will pay your treatment costs and arrange a payment plan directly with you.


We are able to work with Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) White Card or Gold Card holders to make applications to the DVA Health Approvals Board. We are not a contracted provider with the DVA which means we need to make applications to the DVA Health Approvals Board for them to fund a program. Our Intake Team will guide you through the process, what information we need and organise for you to complete an Intake Assessment prior to submitting the application to DVA.


We also have programs available for plan-managed or self-managed NDIS participants. These Residential Respite Programs are funded through the Core and Capacity Building budgets.

Private Health Insurance

Depending on your private health insurance fund, and the extras coverage you have, a small percentage of your Day Program cost may be covered via a rebate from your private health insurance. We recommend speaking with our expert team directly to discuss your individual circumstances on 1300 226 926.

The Banyans Health Plus Day Program

No matter what your preference is, our Intake Team is available to talk you through the process and answer any questions along the way. Call our team on 1300 226 926.