The Banyans Health and Wellness provides residential treatment programs for individuals experiencing depression and anxiety, chronic stress and burnout, drug and alcohol dependency, eating disorders, and other co-occurring conditions.

Programs at The Banyans Residence are based on a biopsychosocial assessment framework where our multidisciplinary team works collaboratively to address issues from medical, emotional, physical, and nutritional perspectives.

These programs are individualised for each patient, taking into account his or her presenting concerns, with all therapeutic inclusions delivered entirely one-on-one.



Comprehensive Program

The Comprehensive Program is designed for those experiencing complex and co-occurring mental health, dependency, and eating disorder concerns. During this program, guests will receive individualised, one-on-one sessions across the four pillars of treatment: Medical, Psychological, Nutritional, and Physical.

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Recovery Essentials Program

The Recovery Essentials Program is a psychology-focussed program. This program is designed as an effective kickstarter for recovery, equipping guests with the skills and strategies needed to cope with the challenges of everyday life.


The Banyans is a private treatment centre.

Rest and Refresh Program

The Banyans’ Rest and Refresh Programs comprise of psychological support and stress-relieving activities such as massage, personal training and delicious meals, this program is perfect for anyone seeking to quickly reset and regroup.

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Our Facilities

The Banyans Health and Wellness Residence is located in southeast Queensland. Set upon 13 acres, the property boasts an infinity pool, onsite industry-equipped gym, cinema, individual luxury suites each with its own bathroom and uninterrupted views of the surrounding region.

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Doug who underwent ice addiction recovery program with The Banyans

Doug’s Addiction Recovery

After battling an ice addiction for ten years, Doug, thirty, engaged in a residential addiction rehab program with The Banyans. Three years later, Doug says his life today is incomparable. This is Doug’s story.