Cert III Visual Arts & Contemporary Craft, Cert III Home & Community Care, B Fine Art (Printmaking & Sculpture), Grad Dip Therapeutic Arts Practice

Cielle van Vuuren is a post-graduate degree qualified art therapist at The Banyans Health and Wellness. Cielle has gained a variety of experiences in the therapeutic use of art to help individuals express and process their experiences and emotions. Her professional experience has seen her use art as a therapeutic point of connection in schools, communities and exhibitions, both in Australia and internationally.

Cielle gently guides each guest through their unique journey of creative expression and wellbeing. Her empathetic approach nurtures curiosity and self-compassion, as guests create connections and unlock deep understanding. Alongside creative processes, Cielle adopts a strengths-based approach to therapy, allowing her to support guests towards holistic health and emotional wellbeing.

Cielle’s therapeutic specialties involve creating a safe space for guests to experience the intrinsically mindful qualities of art making and discovery through colors, painting, collage and photography. She is especially interested in the intersection of art making, neurobiology, trauma, anxiety and emotional well-being.

She is also a Tier 3 member of the Australian and New Zealand and Asian Creative Art Therapies Association (ANZACATA).