Addiction and dependency are not a moral failing or weakness. There are a variety of causes, and you are definitely not alone.

Some people who experience addiction and dependency are still able to function in the workplace and family. However, these behaviours are likely causing serious detriment to physical and mental health, such as damage to close relationships, impaired professional performance, deteriorating mental wellbeing, and chronic illness.

Alcohol dependency

In Australia, the National Drinking Guidelines for alcohol intake recommend a maximum of two standard drinks per day. Regularly exceeding these recommendations may indicate alcohol misuse, however there are also a number of other symptoms that characterise the condition.

Drug addiction and dependency

When used as a coping strategy, drug use can develop into compulsive, harmful behaviours with very serious physical and mental health consequences. Both prescription medication and illicit drug addictions can be fatal if left unmanaged.

Compulsive Gambling

Gambling addiction often begins at a recreational level and may not involve large sums of money. When this behaviour becomes unrestrained, individuals may not be aware of the damage their behaviour is having on themselves and their loved ones.

Premium programs often allow guests to have personal agency.

Gaming or internet addiction

Video game or internet addiction is the unregulated use of digital devices in a way that is interfering with an individual’s ability to live a happy, productive and fulfilling life. Individuals with video game or internet addiction may spend significant portions of time engaging with their devices, neglecting healthy activities such as eating, sleeping, maintaining personal hygiene and engaging with others.

Mental health conditions are widespread, with up to 85% of individuals experiencing some form of diagnosable mental health condition in their lifetime.