Whether you choose a wellbeing retreat or a recovery and rehabilitation treatment program at The Banyans, your experience is personalised. Each program is individually tailored, designed for your circumstances and experience. Experiencing more than one challenge or condition? The personalised nature of each program can incorporate elements of treatment for multiple conditions.

Chronic stress and burnout

The Banyans Health and Wellness is the perfect place to rest, recover and restore following chronic stress or burnout. With thorough psychological and medical support, programs at The Banyans allows guests to recover physically, while gaining the insight needed to move forward in a healthy way.

Addiction and dependency

The Banyans offers individually tailored programs for individuals experiencing addiction and dependency, whether it be substance misuse or compulsive behaviours. Programs are developed by Addiction Medicine Specialist Dr Christian Rowan and Clinical Director Peter Hayton to ensure an effective and long-lasting result.

Mental Health

Clinical Director and Senior Psychologist Peter Hayton works with Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Anja Kriegeskotten to design personal programs for individuals experiencing a variety of mental health conditions, regardless of previous diagnoses or therapeutic help. Programs can cater for individuals with depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive, bipolar disorder and more.

Grief and trauma

Grief and trauma is a serious and debilitating mental condition that requires thorough emotional and medical support. Programs at The Banyans are adapted for the needs of each individual, especially for those experiencing grief, trauma or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Eating disorder

Eating disorders are very complex mental and physical health conditions that can be very dangerous if left unmanaged or untreated. The multidisciplinary approach at The Banyans allows individuals to uncover the root cause of their condition, while safely regaining strength and learning skills and strategies for healthy living.

Building Stronger Relationships

Relationships, especially those with a spouse or partner, are one of the most influential aspects contributing to our health and wellbeing. Engaging in a relationship intensive program at The Banyans will equip you with the tools needed to build a deep connection and satisfying relationship. Both individuals engage in a program together.

Recovery Essentials program

This focused residential program is designed for individuals undergoing non-acute experiences of mental health, substance misuse, chronic stress, and trauma. Focused on equipping individuals with strategies to cope with life’s challenges, you will leave The Banyans with purpose, resolve, and skills for the future.

Young adults


The Banyans Health and Wellness has a highly equipped team with specialist qualifications in youth and young adults. Every team member is certified with a Working with Children Check (QLD Blue Card).



The Banyans Health and Wellness is proud to welcome DVA White Card and Gold Card holders, and to work with guests and their referring doctors to obtain approval from the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA).