MMusThy, RMT

Charly Harrison is a Registered Music Therapist with the Australian Music Therapy Association. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Music in the UK and played in various bands in London before embarking on music projects across the world, including India and Cuba, arriving in Australia in 2010. After working as a musician and guitar teacher in Melbourne for 10 years, music therapy became the natural next step for him when he realised that the most rewarding parts of his jobs had been helping people connect with music. He worked as a community musician as part of the MIDDEL project, a research project looking at the effects of music on dementia in Aged Care, and this was the catalyst for pursuing the Master of Music Therapy course through the University of Melbourne.

Charly loves working with people from all ages and backgrounds and he loves the sense of collaboration that is unique with every person. He loves working in a team focussed on supporting the individual and likes the idea that a therapist can be a mirror that reflects a person’s light back into themselves.

Charly is registered with the Australian Music Therapy Association.