The Banyans Health Plus provides world-class, multidisciplinary day programs that take mental health, substance dependency, and wellbeing treatment to a new level.

Providing one-on-one care, Health Plus is perfect for busy professionals or those seeking treatment for a range of concerns in a private and understanding environment.

Our underlying philosophy is to provide private, tailored excellence in health care in a convenient and understanding environment where barriers to treatment are removed. For example, our facility allows participants to attend to work matters in between their treatment sessions with space provided specifically for this purpose.


Integrated Mental Health and Substance Dependency Programs

Our integrated Mental Health and Substance Dependency day programs involve input and a coordinated approach from an appropriate team of professionals during the course of the program. This team includes a General Practitioner, Psychiatrist and/or Addiction Medicine Specialist, Psychologist, Nutritionist, Exercise Physiologist, Counsellor and/or Wellness Coach, Yoga Instructor, and Mindfulness Coach.

Our Mental Health and Substance Dependency Day Programs are three-month programs with participants attending for one day a week for the first month and one day a fortnight during the second and third months.

Specialised Wellbeing Programs

Our Specialised Wellbeing Programs allow patients the opportunity to address their specific health concerns through individually designed programs based on their needs. These programs address concerns regarding relationships, sleep, mindfulness, exercise, stress management, and nutrition.

The Banyans Health Plus Facilities

The Banyans Health Plus is located in the Bowen Hills Medical and Specialist Centre at 16 Thompson Street, Bowen Hills, Brisbane.