APD, MDietSt, BENS, Cert III and IV in Fitness, CEDC

Emily is a Masters-qualified nutritionist, dietician, and credentialled eating disorder clinician. Working in nutrition and dietetics for over two years, She has also pursued further training in eating disorders, gut health (specifically, irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease) and utilises Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) when working with her patients.

Emily is passionate about mental health and its link with nutrition, gut health and physical health. Encouraging patients to enjoy and eat delicious food, she aims to remove barriers to good nutrition and work with her patients to understand how nutrition can play its part in reducing symptoms and improving health.

Emily loves being part of a multidisciplinary team which sees patients feel at home in their bodies again and helps them to achieve optimum health.

Emily is a credentialled eating disorder clinician with ANZAED, and is registered with Dietitians Australia and registered as a Monash FODMAP trained dietitian.