Post Grad Diploma Counselling, Cert IV Life Coaching

Jenny has worked in the areas of pastoral care and personal and group transformation for 25 years in faith-based communities. With that experience, she appreciates the importance of meeting each guest where they are at and honouring that person’s unique story, journey and needs.

She embraced the opportunity to work at The Banyans Health and Wellness because these principles are strongly reflected here. She joined the team in May 2021.

Jenny also highly values the multidisciplinary and holistic approach adopted at The Banyans as she has experienced the benefits of that approach herself after she and her husband were diagnosed with a serious autoimmune disease and cancer respectively. They started their
unique journeys together, embracing holistic ideas and practitioners, and making important changes to their lifestyles to improve their overall wellness. They both continue to astound their specialists!

Jenny enjoys supporting and encouraging people on their transformation journey and watching them discover how powerful they are. She loves nothing more than having a decent coffee or good healthy food with family and close friends.

She also enjoys walking, mountain biking, being out in nature, and being in learning-focused environments as she continues her own journey of learning and personal growth.