The Banyans Health and Wellness offers a highly experienced, qualified suite of medical and therapeutic services.

Our team of medical specialists, psychiatrists, exercise professionals and support staff are highly qualified in the treatment of depression and anxiety, chronic stress and burnout, drug and alcohol dependency and addiction, eating disorders, and a variety of additional conditions.

Ruth Limkin
Chief Executive Officer
Dr Christian Rowan
Addiction Medicine Specialist
Peter Hayton
Clinical Director and Senior Psychologist
Dr Anja Kriegeskotten
Consultant Psychiatrist
Dr David Hunt
General Practitioner and Procedural Specialist
Lisa Cutforth
Clinical Nutritionist
Dr Leanne Barron
Dr Leanne Barron
General Practitioner with a special interest in Eating Disorders
Michael Rodriguez
Clinical Psychologist
Lorilea Huon
Registered Psychologist
Nadine Missenden
Registered Psychologist
Honni Hayton, Registered Counsellor and EMDR therapist
Honni Hayton
Counsellor and EMDR Therapist
Rowena Brookes
Rowena Brookes
Family and Relationships Counsellor
Charé Walton
Neurologic Music Therapist
Cielle van Vuuren
Art Therapist
Trish Bowden
Lead Registered Nurse
Gillian Baker-Murphy
Registered Nurse
Katie is a registered nurse at The Banyans
Katie Greenwood
Registered Nurse
Simone Robinson
Registered Nurse
Carli Treacy
Yoga Therapist
Tristan Botha
Personal Trainer
Andrew Stone is a business coach at The Banyans
Andrew Stone
Business Coach
Brent is a qualified chef at The Banyans
Brent Haer
Janelle Holston
a mans headshot
Oliver Strauss
Daniel Hodge
Intake Manager
Deborah Bowden
Intake Manager
Taryn Byron
Guest Services Manager
Phil Hawke
Wellness Coach
Joan is a Wellness Coach at The Banyans
Joan Hennegan
Wellness Coach
Belinda Lewis
Wellness Coach and Mindfulness Master
Jessica Greenwood
Wellness Coach
Lisa Barnes
Wellness Coach and Martial Arts Instructor
Matthew Bushnell
Wellness Coach
Grant Windle
Wellness Coach
Nikki Naddei
Wellness Coach
a mans headshot
Gus Wauchope
Wellness Coach
a womans headshot
Katrina Garen
Wellness Coach
a womans headshot
Gillian Lilley
Wellness Coach
a mans headshot
Matthew (JS) Cole
Wellness Coach
Alison Norrell
Dale Norrell
Jane Rowan
Marketing and Communications Strategist
Lauren Phillips
Marketing and Communications Assistant
Christina Levendis
Operations and Executive Support


Our Partners

and over 30 additional professional partners and support staff.