Experiences of mental health, substance misuse, trauma or chronic stress can feel overwhelming. Our 28 day Recovery Essentials program is an effective kickstarter for recovery, equipping you with the skills and strategies you need to cope with the challenges of life.

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Receive the benefits of The Banyans expert team

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Engage in daily therapy and recovery coaching

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Flexible, skills based program to kickstart recovery

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Reside in a world-class, purpose built recovery facility

Program Highlights
  • Receive the benefits of The Banyans expert team, with daily therapy and recovery coaching;
  • A flexible, skills based residential program for those wanting to kickstart their recovery;
  • Come to a world-class, purpose-built rehabilitation facility for essential treatment.

Intensive residential program

For some people, significant absence from a busy everyday life is not possible. The Recovery Essentials program is a 28 day residential program, allowing you to engage in a program within your leave allowances. Intentionally designed to deliver essential skills for recovery, the Recovery Essentials program is an intensive and therapy rich experience at The Banyans.

All treating professionals work collaboratively at The Banyans

Skills-based recovery coaching program

The expert team at The Banyans delivers a world-class recovery coaching program, created by leading treatment professionals in medicine, psychology, nutrition and wellbeing. You will receive one-on-one attention from your wellbeing coach and treating professionals to ensure you gain the greatest possible skillset from your recovery program.


Active physical health focus

The Recovery Essentials program focuses on all dimensions of wellness, including the physical. Research has shown the diverse benefits of physical exercise, including yoga therapy. With an industry equipped gym, infinity magnesium pool, scheduled exercise and qualified trainers, you will be given the opportunity and support to strengthen your body and mind.

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Your long-term health in mind

Benefit from the personalised approach of The Banyans Health and Wellness. Your entirely one-on-one therapy and personal recovery coaching ensures that you focus on the skills you need to thrive. With a strictly limited number of in-house residents, you can guarantee that you will receive the focused attention you need to rediscover the fullness of life.

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For those who may be experiencing more than one condition, the personalised nature of each program can incorporate elements of treatment for multiple conditions. We are able to incorporate elements of treatment for mental health, substance misuse and abuse, chronic stress, trauma, and eating disorder into a Recovery Essentials program.

The Banyans taught me how to cope. My perspective has changed. I couldn’t be more grateful.

– Previous Guest