The Banyans Health and Wellness is proud to offer Residential Respite, designed specifically for plan-managed and self-managed participants in the National Disability Insurance Scheme.


Your Goals

We understand that each NDIS participant has his or her own goals, both short- and long-term. This is why Residential Respite is tailored for every guest. For plan-managed participants, our Intake Team will work collaboratively with your Plan Managers and Support Coordinators to ensure your respite program is aligned with the goals set out in your plan. For self-managed participants, we will work alongside you to ensure your program links in with the goals set out in your NDIS plan.

This is why one of the first questions our Intake Team will ask is: “What goals are set out in the participant’s NDIS plan?”


Our Residential Facility

The Banyans Health and Wellness Residence is located in southeast Queensland. Set upon 13 acres, the property boasts an infinity pool, onsite industry-equipped gym, cinema, individual suites each with its own ensuite, and uninterrupted views of the surrounding region.

Download the Prospectus

Download our NDIS Residential Respite Program to view an example program, individual line items, and the benefits of each program inclusion. The Prospectus also outlines each individual therapeutic offering and how these offerings may be helpful in advancing your NDIS goals.

You can download the Prospectus here.


These funds are taken from the participant’s Core and Capacity supports. For a full breakdown of the line items used for Residential Respite, download the Prospectus above.

Currently, The Banyans can only offer Residential Respite to plan-managed and self-managed participants. If your funds are NDIA-managed, you can ask your Support Coordinator to put your plan in for a light touch review and request that your NDIA funds are managed via Plan Management.

The Banyans is located in South East Queensland, approximately 40 minutes from the Brisbane Airport.

As our Residential Respite programs are based on Short-Term Accommodation, typically this service would be used for short periods of up to 14 days at a time. However, exceptions can be made and Short-Term Accommodation may be available for up to 28 days within the year.

As part of the Intake process, we will collaborate with the participant to ascertain what length of stay will best meet their needs (short- and/or long-term goals). Once decided, a Service Agreement will be issued that will be signed by The Banyans and the NDIS participant. The Service Agreement outlines the length of accommodation that will be provided and the price of that stay. If during the guest’s stay, they wish to extend their Residential Respite, and there are sufficient funds in their plan, another Service Agreement will be provided for the additional accommodation and included supports and the participant will need to approve.

These services may be paid for via the participant’s Core supports. Please speak with our Intake Team on 1300 226 926 for more information about the possible inclusions of Residential Respite.

These services may be paid for via the participant’s Capacity supports. Please speak with our Intake Team on 1300 226 926 for more information about the possible inclusions of Residential Respite.

If a client would like a service that is not funded by the NDIA or they have insufficient funds in their plan, then they would have to pay using their own funds. Prior to a client staying at The Banyans, we will liaise with their Support Coordinators and Plan Managers to discuss what funding is available.

The next step is to speak with our Intake Team by calling 1300 226 926. From here, we will understand the goals of your participant and create a Service Agreement from there.

Is Residential Respite suitable for your NDIS participant?

Contact our Intake Team on 1300 226 926 to discuss whether Residential Respite is suitable for your NDIS participant and his or her goals.