The Comprehensive Program is designed for those experiencing complex and co-occurring mental health, dependency, and eating disorder concerns. This program brings together our multidisciplinary medical, allied health, therapeutic and wellbeing team.

Therapeutically intensive, individualised program

We understand that no two people or their concerns are the same. This is why our approach and programs are designed to address concerns on an individualised basis.

psychologist doing a session with a woman

Multidisciplinary team focused on you

The Comprehensive Program brings together our medical team of psychiatry, addiction medicine and general practitioners, allied health team across psychology, nutrition, nursing and exercise physiology and therapeutic team of equine, art, music and family and relationships therapy.



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Our approach to recovery

Our Comprehensive Program incorporates a biopsychosocial approach to recovery with therapies based in medicine, emotional support, physical health and training, and nutrition. These four pillars ensure that every aspect of the person is assessed and taken care of.

The Banyans is a medical based health retreat in South East Queensland.