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The Banyans' Difference

Providing health and medical excellence.

We exist to help you achieve measurable change

Programs customised one-on-one, delivered by our registered practitioners

Receive more treatment faster, so you can get back to life and health sooner

Get well in an environment of excellence, supported by medical professionals

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Discover a wellness journey to set you free and give you hope again.


Private and luxury therapeutic care from a world class team.

The Banyans Health and Wellness is a private treatment residence in Queensland, Australia. Access one of the most highly qualified private treatment teams, including over six medical doctors.

Benefit from a clinically intense therapeutic program, incorporate holistic therapies in medicine, psychology, exercise and physical health, and nutrition. Our balanced programs will help you regain control of your life, and unlock your potential for healthy, happy and fulfilling life.

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Features of The Banyans

Discover the Banyans Difference

Now that you have chosen to make a change, don’t waste time talking to second tier providers. The Banyans Health and Wellness is Australia’s leading private treatment program.

  • Access to a registered and qualified team of professionals including psychologists, psychiatrist, nutritionist, on site chef, exercise physiologist & physiotherapist.
  • Entirely private and confidential rehab and wellness programs
  • Receive treatment from a highly specialised team of medical and allied health professionals, including six medically trained doctors
  • Planned stays and treatment programs from one to eight weeks available
  • Luxury residence in a serene and beautiful remote location with amenities such as an on site gym, pool, cinema, chef and kitchen
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Regain control of your life

at Australia’s leading treatment centre.

For those who may be experiencing more than one condition, the personalised nature of each program can incorporate elements of treatment for multiple conditions.

Our individualised programs are designed to help you heal, while also equipping you with the skills and strategies to cope well into the future. We develop unique treatment programs for:

  • Addiction and dependency;
  • Mental health conditions;
  • Stress and burnout;
  • Grief and Trauma;
  • PTSD;
  • Eating disorder.
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I’ve had such a positive experience at The Banyans. This is a program I would recommend to anyone ready to make a huge change in their life.


Our tailored process.

Your future in mind.

Tell us your story.

We’ll listen as you explain your experiences, needs and goals.


We help you undertake an assessment, that informs your unique program design.

Program design

We develop a unique, personalised wellness plan that includes program details, your length of stay at The Banyans and an intensive therapy schedule with medically trained doctors and registered allied health professionals.

Welcome to The Banyans

Stay at The Banyans and become equipped with tools for a new vision and clarity for your life.

Post Residential Support

Access post-residential care and support to help you stay on track when you return to every day life, and continue your personal growth and restoration.

Have questions? Talk to our expert team

The Banyans' Difference

Providing health and medical excellence.

We exist to help you achieve measurable change

Programs customised one-on-one, delivered by our registered practitioners

Receive more treatment faster, so you can get back to life and health sooner

Get well in an environment of excellence, supported by medical professionals

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See what The Banyans does

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Free downloadable resources.

The conditions we treat at The Banyans are some of the hardest experiences in life, for both the person who needs help and their loved ones. We have created a resource library to help you along the way.



Benefit from measurable, research-based treatments.

Experience life-long changes.

The Banyans has helped hundreds of guests receive measurable results from an individualised treatment program. We can help you be one of them.


This guest arrived at The Banyans with moderate depressive systems, severe anxiety and extremely severe stress. The guest benefitted greatly from equine therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and music therapy to seek recovery from chronic stress, burnout and substance misuse concerns.

On completion of his program at The Banyans, the guest reported scores within the normal range for depression and stress. However, scores for anxiety were still in the moderate range.

At the completion of his post-residential support program, the guest had continued to develop healthy coping strategies and enact positive life changes that lead him to report normal ranges for depression, anxiety and stress eight months on.

The guest said:

This whole experience has been wonderful, and I could not be more thankful for my outcome. The team is beautiful, and they do their job very well.

This guest arrived for his program at The Banyans with normal levels of stress and anxiety, and moderate depression. The main concern for this guest was to seek recovery from unhealthy alcohol misuse. The guest benefitted largely from the one-on-one approach to therapy, brainspotting therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy. The guest also reported great enjoyment in the physical exercise element of his program, including yoga.

At the completion of the residential phase, the guest was well within the normal range for depression, anxiety and stress.

After eight weeks, the guest showed some increase in their DASS-21 results, falling with the mild range for depression and the moderate range for anxiety. This is because the guest was adapting to new methods of coping learned at The Banyans, and was “learning to live a new life without the drink”. The guest displayed normal levels of stress.

My program seemed to be crafted, designed and implemented in a way that helped me progress, develop, learn and implement new strategies in my journey.

— Previous Guest


This guest arrived at The Banyans with extremely severe depression, anxiety and stress. With experiences in the Australian Defence Force, trauma therapy included EAGALA assisted-equine therapy, psychiatry, psychological therapies including brainspotting and EMDR.

At the completion of his program, the guest reported moderate scores for anxiety and stress. The guest was in the extremely severe range for depression, which can be attributed to medication changes taking effect.

However, three months after departing The Banyans residence, the guest maintained considerable improvements, scoring in the moderate range for depression, and normal range for stress and anxiety. Post-program support was extended to ensure thorough care and long-lasting support well beyond his residential program at The Banyans.

The guest commented:

There were days when I didn’t want to talk, and the team didn’t make me. [I am leaving with] my issues sorted out.

This guest entered the program with severe stress, and extremely severe depression and anxiety. With experiences from the Australian Defence Force, the guest benefitted greatly from EAGALA equine-assisted therapy, individual psychiatry and psychology sessions, consultations with Dr Christian Rowan (Addiction Medicine Specialist) and trauma-informed recovery techniques including brain-spotting and EMDR.

On the completion of her program, the guest showed outstanding results, being in the normal range for depression, anxiety and stress. She said,


I could not have asked for a better team of professionals. I was treated with dignity, respect and was provided so much support. I was always allowed to work on my issues at my own pace and I never felt rushed or pressured. I walked out with the tools I need to live a better life. Thank you!

This guest entered a residential program at The Banyans weighing 130 kilograms, and reported extremely severe scores for depression, stress and anxiety. The guest benefitted from a personally tailored program including training with an exercise physiologist, one-on-one nutrition consults and testing with a nutritionist, cooking classes with chefs, counselling with an eating disorder therapist, one-on-one sessions with a psychologist and psychiatrist, and contemporary therapies such as music therapy.

On completion of her residential phase, the guest reported normal scores for depression, anxiety and stress and weighed 110 kilograms. The guest continued therapy with local professionals in conjunction with her post-residential program at The Banyans. One year since departure, the guest weighs 70 kilograms, and is living a happy, healthy life.

The Banyans literally saved my life. They go above and beyond in every way.

— Previous Guest

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