Step back and heal

The Banyans divorce and recovery programs provide the healing and growth necessary to adjust to one of life’s most painful experiences.  When you have been through divorce or separation, you need the support to understand and cope with the strong emotions that arise before, during, and after the divorce process.

More than 50% of long term relationships end in separation causing pain and aggravation.  This is especially difficult when you are left coping with a difficult relationship with your ex-partner in the arrangements of children, property, and other agreements. Taking the time to step away from the stress, hurt, and aggravation is essential in being able to recalibrate life. The Banyans provides the most comfortable place to focus on all aspects of your health – physical, mental, emotional, dietary, and medical. Often the key to starting again from a place of strength is a focused and integrated approach to rebuilding a sense of self and health. With divorce comes the opportunity for new life, however these new opportunities can be clouded by the need to focus on the painful experiences.  We exit divorce feeling like we’ve just been to someone’s funeral.


Seeking personal growth and understanding at The Banyans

After making our best effort to work with others there comes a time to work on ourselves.  It is an opportunity to learn and grow from the past and improve life from the pain, at The Banyans no one is a failure.  Our programs build on your success in the world, strengthening you as a person, a capable person able to build the deepest connections with others.

In moving past the thoughts of grief, loss and self-blame, The Banyans helps guests to realise they are not failures and can invest in rediscovery of self and purpose.

Guests at The Banyans discover the energy and skills they need to recover and recuperate from the separation and divorce fallout. Working through painful emotions like denial, anger, withdrawal, depression, anxiety and fear with skilled professionally registered therapists, guests find new strength and direction they need to move forward in life with hope.

Key in our recovery program is the opportunity to focus on the art of communicating in times of heightened emotional arousal. There are a wide range of emotions that need to be worked through during the grief process of divorce recovery.  The Banyans multidisciplinary programs allows you to build the strength and resilience not only to work through emotional trauma but also to build physical, emotional, and mental energy. The variety of therapies available to you ensures that you can rebuild. So that you are confident of moving forward with strength and self-assuredness.


At The Banyans retreat and rehab, we know that everyone can view and experience divorce differently. This is why our tailored programs are just the right fit for where you are at in your recovery journey.

Guests who complete an integrated health program focusing on divorce and recovery discover that life has changed, but has not ended, and can begin again with hope.

We’re here for you

Australia’s most comprehensive and integrated support centre, The Banyans Health and Wellness Residence offers collaborative programs for recovery post-divorce.

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