The Banyans Health and Wellness is proud to accept DVA White Card and Gold Card holders. As we are not a contracted provider, our team will assist guests in the application process to the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA).

Program Highlights
  • Access to a diverse and highly qualified medical team including with Addiction Medicine Specialist, General Practitioners, onsite Psychiatrist and onsite Registered Nurses
  • Multidisciplinary program incorporating psychological, emotional, nutritional and physical therapies
  • Advanced genetic testing to identify underlying biological contributors to alcohol dependence or addiction

Extensive experience and qualifications in trauma-informed care

The Banyans team of treating professionals have extensive experience in treating veterans with care, respect and joy as they overcome PTSD, mental health and substance use disorder. With bespoke, private programs and a highly qualified and multidisciplinary team, The Banyans offer the highest level of personal therapeutic care.

Equine therapy has shown to be a powerful inclusion in the best drug rehab programs.

One-on-one therapy

Private, one-on-one therapy sessions ensure that each person has the space and safety to process difficult experiences. Guests benefit from the undivided attention of therapists, enabling the vulnerability and safety to experience deep, long-term recovery and restoration.

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Specialist trauma therapy

EAGALA certified Equine Therapy is an important inclusion of the bespoke programs at The Banyans, and is delivered by our lead psychiatrist Dr Anja Kriegeskotten. Dr Anja has a special therapeutic interest in trauma therapy, and has over twenty years of experience in assisting people with PTSD. Equine therapy has shown to be an extremely effective mode of therapy for veterans and those returning from service. Other trauma-informed approaches offered include brainspotting and EMDR.

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DVA approval

The Intake team are able to assist you in the admission process to the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA). In conjunction with DVA, The Banyans Health and Wellness is proud to support White Card and Gold Card holders.

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I have previously undertaken group therapy, and hearing other people’s trauma triggered me. The one-on-one sessions at The Banyans is what helped me get so much out of my program here.

– Previous Guest