Both prescription medication misuse and illicit drug use stem from a wide variety of causes, many of which are rooted in physical, emotional or psychological pain.

Drug misuse and dependency can have devastating consequences on your health and wellbeing. Our highly experienced team are able to tailor programs to address underlying contributors of drug misuse and achieve long lasting recovery.

Program Highlights
  • Safe and thorough support from a highly-qualified team of medical professionals, including Addiction Medicine Specialist, General Practitioners, onsite Psychiatrist and onsite Registered Nurses
  • Regular sessions with multiple therapists and modalities to ensure strong therapeutic relationships and benefits, spanning psychology, nutrition and physical exercise
  • Advanced genetic testing underlies individually designed nutritional plans based on deficiencies, intolerances and preferences

Medical support: Addiction Medicine Specialist

Guests experiencing prescription or illicit drug dependency benefit greatly from the expertise of Addiction Medicine Specialist Dr Christian Rowan. Regular reviews with Dr Rowan and a team of onsite registered nurses offer exceptional medical supervision, pharmacological relapse prevention, and guidance in recovery. This thorough support ensures safety and long-term improvements.

Pool side of the house


Together with Dr Rowan, lead psychiatrist Dr Anja Kriegeskotten conducts a full medication review where required and guides guests medically throughout the program. Weekly psychiatry consultations closely monitor medications for efficacy, potential side effects, and diagnosis of other co-occurring mental health conditions. Onsite registered nurses also assist in the management of medications.

Pen and Paper

Emotional and psychological therapies

Drug addiction often arises as a method of self-medication in response to physical or emotional pain. Evidence-based psychological therapies address foundational drivers of a person’s experience with drug misuse and encourage guests to understand the personal, social and cultural contributors underlying their addictive behaviour.


Nutritional therapy

The effects of drugs on your metabolism, nutrient processing and appetite can lead to significant nutrient deficiencies and other related health problems. Lisa Cutforth, the nutritionist at The Banyans, uses results from advanced genetic and nutritional tests to prescribe supplements, diet alterations and nutritional education for you, tailored to your personal needs.


Physical therapy

Exercise and physical therapy are a significant factor in helping restabilise your moods, and releasing potential tension that was being subdued by prescription or illicit drugs. Our exercise physiologist leads the physical therapy element of your tailored program to ensure any existing injuries are cared for and well managed.

male trainer helping woman on tredmill

For those who may be experiencing more than one condition, the personalised nature of each program can incorporate elements of treatment for multiple conditions. We are able to incorporate elements of treatment for mental health, chronic stress, trauma, and eating disorder into a program for substance misuse and abuse.

Both prescription medication misuse and illicit drug use stem from a wide variety of causes, many of which are rooted in physical, emotional or psychological pain.