Rod Young, Channel 7: Australia’s newest health retreat for struggling professionals has opened in South East Queensland. The facility will host celebrities and sports stars recovering from substance abuse and stress. 7 News was given an exclusive tour of the luxury property.

Kendall Gilding, Channel 7: Welcome to the Banyan’s: a property so exclusive we can’t even reveal the location. This will be home for struggling professionals.

Ruth Limkin, Chief Executive Officer of The Banyans: Mental health conditions are very common in Australia: forty-five percent of us will experience one in our lifetime.

Kendall Gilding: The facility will cater to high-profile clients like celebrities, athletes and CEOs in our community.

Dr Christian Rowan, Chief Medical Officer: We’re seeing people with over-the-counter codeine problems and dependency related to prescription drugs.

Kendall Gilding: Patients used to have to go overseas for this kind of treatment, now they can come here after a detox period.

Peter Hayton, Clinical Director and Senior Psychologist: These programs don’t exist for many people and they’ll be available here.

Kendall Gilding: Horses Cracker and Sparkle will play a role in their recovery.

Dr Anja Kriegeskotton, EAGALA Certified Equine Therapist and Lead Psychiatrist: It helps with engagement and overcomes barriers of trust.

Kendall Gilding: They’ll tailor menus for each visitor using food as medicine, giving people an experience as delicious as it is nutritious.

Lisa Cutforth, Nutritionist: It’s nourishing and a lot of the focus is on how to eat real food.

Kendall Gilding: The facility will cater to up to six guests. Clients can choose to bring personal assistants or security guards, and depending on their needs they can even hire the entire facility for their recovery.