We understand that seeking help for addiction or dependency can be a big step. The Banyans is a private rehab for addiction, and we exist to help you regain control and discover the fullness of life once again.


Finding Effective Treatment at Our Private Addiction Rehab Centre

If you are experiencing addiction or dependency, you are not alone. There are people all across Australia and the world experiencing similar challenges to yourself.

Addiction and dependency is a diverse condition, manifesting itself in various different ways. For some people, it looks like compulsive, uncontrollable and regular use of a substance. For others, it is the devastating consequences their behaviour has on their family, friends and colleagues. It can be heartbreaking to be caught in a cycle of addiction, and not know of a way to escape. But there is help available for you or a loved one.


The Banyans is a private rehab centre for addiction, depression, anxiety and trauma.
The Banyans is a private, addiction rehab in Brisbane, Australia.


The Banyans understands that addiction is more than a compulsion to engage in a problematic behaviour, and it is more than simply a bad habit.

Our rehab programs for addiction focus on the numerous underlying drivers and contributors, such as stress, misaligned core values, disappointment, biochemical or genetic factors, lifestyle influencers and more. Overcoming these challenges is what can encourage people to seek help at a private treatment centre for addiction.




Why People Are Choosing The Banyans as Their Addiction Treatment Centre

A private treatment centre is your best chance at long-lasting recovery. A private rehab for addiction, like The Banyans, will help you regain control of your difficult circumstances and allow you to fully enjoy the fullness of life once again.

The Banyans is an accredited rehab facility in the serene surrounds of Queensland, Australia. Our highly experienced, qualified and registered team of health professionals will partner with you throughout your program to help you address the underlying causes of your condition. Our medical professionals will supervise your health throughout your entire stay to make sure you are in safe hands, and are regaining your strength both physically and emotionally.



Your entire program at The Banyans is entirely focused on you. You will engage in entirely private, one-on-one therapies – there is no group therapy at any stage in your program. Our tailored approach means that you will receive the personal attention you require and deserve. We will respect you at all times, and your confidentiality is our highest priority.




Why The Banyans is the Right Addiction Rehab Centre for You

The Banyans believes that you deserve the very best addiction treatment. That is why our team of highly qualified treating professionals come onsite to our luxury residence, allowing you to recharge and regain your strength in peace and tranquility. Our private rehab for addiction gives you the space and time to receive the highest quality of addiction therapy in a comfortable, private and confidential location.


People connect by the pool at best rehab
The Banyans is Australia’s most trusted private rehab, giving you space to rest and recharge while you overcome your addiction.


Our wellness retreat presents medical, psychological and compassionate practical support along with various wellbeing therapies that can help improve your physical and mental strength. We present beneficial, world-class therapy that gives terrific results compared to other therapy methods, making us one of the best residential addiction rehab retreats in Australia.


A Friendly And Highly Skilled Team Is Available

The Banyans Health and Wellness has an extensive team of diverse professionals. With six medical doctors, four psychologists and numerous ancillary and allied health therapists, you can be sure that you are receiving the highest standard of quality care for addiction rehab.

You will also be supported at all times, from your friendly and trained wellness coaches. Onsite nurses, chefs, coaches and other support staff are onsite to ensure that you have help available when you need it.



Get Help Now

We know that seeking help for addiction can be scary, overwhelming and challenging. That’s why someone is available to answer your call at any time of the day or evening, to make sure we are there when you need us.

We are here to help you navigate your options for addiction rehab, and find the program that works for you. You will be supported and cared for by The Banyans team from the very beginning.

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