Ruth Limkin joined over 65 men and women from Expedia’s Brisbane office this week, sharing the unique challenges that come with being a woman in leadership.


Ruth shares challenges of being a woman in leadership

Expedia is one of the world’s most notable travel information companies, helping millions of people plan and book holidays, business trips and more.

In 2019, Ruth was recognised as a finalist in the Telstra Businesswoman of the Year Awards. With a diverse background in government, non-for-profit organisations, and now the wellness industry, Ruth Limkin is well placed to comment on the challenges of being a female leader.


Leading and Learning event a glowing success

Ruth presented to Expedia’s current and emerging leaders at their Leading and Learning event. The session was designed to both inspire and motivate women, but also provide important professional development for the company’s future leaders.

The event was also attended by several men who wanted to better understand the unique challenges of their female colleagues. They also expressed a desire to learn how they can help support their colleagues to overcome such adversity.

CEO of The Banyans leads a professional development workshop for women at Expedia.
Ruth Limkin lead the Leading and Learning professional development workshop at Expedia’s Brisbane office.


Purpose and productivity among three unexpected challenges

“The challenges women face in the workplace can be unlike to those experienced by our male colleagues,” Ruth explained. While many expected her to talk about the juggles of work and home life, sexual harassment and inequality, Ruth expanded on other topics like perception, productivity and purpose.

“The power in these three challenges are that they are often rooted internally – in ourselves,” Ruth expressed. She touched on the power of our thoughts, and the importance of ensuring we continue to put effort into our own mental health and wellbeing.

Ruth reflected on the event, saying that: “shining light on the three very distinct areas that can be challenging helps women put words to their internal feelings and experiences.”
From there, women can take very practical steps to make a change, rather than feeling like there is nothing they can do.

Ruth addresses unique health risks of females under pressure

“1 in 3 women will experience anxiety in their lifetime,” Ruth highlighted. “Moreover, women between the age of 30 and 50 are four times more likely to die of a prescription medication overdose than a car accident.”

“These statistics are alarming. I believe it’s important that we educate women not only on the conditions themselves, but equip each person with healthy tools and strategies to avoid them,” Ruth explains.



The Life Audit: an event helping women take stock of their health

Women were also invited to attend The Life Audit, a three day wellbeing retreat hosted by The Banyans Health and Wellness.

“As busy professional women, we can often care for others to the effect of neglecting our own wellbeing,” Ruth explained. “The Life Audit is an opportunity for women to step back from their lives, consider the areas where they are being sapped of energy, and learn the tools needed to achieve sustainable wellbeing.”
You can submit an expressions of interest for The Life Audit 2020 now, giving you prior access to registration. The event becomes available to the general public on November 1 2019.



Expedia leads the way in welcoming workplace wellness workshops

Globally, Expedia UK is recognised as one of the world’s best places to work, citing practical wellness perks and excellent company culture. It seems like Expedia is making employee a wellness a priority in Australia too, with their Sydney office getting a significant upgrade and their Brisbane office providing wellness-focused professional development workshops.

Ruth often leads workplace seminars alongside keynote sessions and panel discussions. “I believe it is important to educate people with simple, practical strategies for long-lasting change,” she confirms.

Not only is a wellness workshop good for your employees, it is good for business! Curious? Read more about how a workplace wellbeing workshop can benefit your business here.

Ruth Limkin shares with group of women from Expedia about the challenges of female leadership.
CEO of The Banyans, Ruth Limkin, discusses some of the challenges of being a woman in leadership with women at Expedia.

Treatment centre advocates for prevention

Ruth presents a powerful message that is only amplified by her position as the CEO of a leading, premium health treatment centre, The Banyans Health and Wellness.

The Banyans is a private, rehab and treatment centre catering to elite and high-performing individuals. Regularly treating business people, executives and their families, The Banyans is a luxury, confidential rehab option for those experiencing substance abuse, mental health challenges, chronic stress and burnout.

Ruth attests that prevention is better than cure, which is why she is dedicated to providing wellbeing seminars across Australia.

Are you interested in having Ruth present at your next workplace event? Design a tailored presentation or choose from one of The Banyans existing presentations. Learn more about a wellness presentation from The Banyans Health and Wellness.