Chief Executive Officer of The Banyans, Ruth Limkin, has progressed to the final stage of the Telstra Business Women’s Awards. She released the following statement shortly after becoming aware.

“Today I found out that I am a Queensland Finalist in the For Purpose and Social Enterprise Category of the Telstra Business Women’s Awards, and I almost don’t have the words to describe how I feel.

Last year, through the process of submitting an entry, the simple act of telling the story of what we do at The Banyans – and why – encouraged me deeply. The story of The Banyans matters – it’s what fuels my passion and keeps me motivated to get up tomorrow and do the hard things again.

During the entry process I was asked what would I do if I progressed through the Telstra Business Women’s Awards? This is what I said…

I would hope to tell the story well – of the guests we are privileged to care for at The Banyans, and of the business and its impact.

I would tell the story of a team of people that I work with who each day provide remarkable care and encouragement to some of the the most inspiring people I have ever met – our guests.

I would tell the story of a nation in which it’s common to experience pain or ill health, and where people can acknowledge they need help as a positive and proactive step to creating their own better story.

I would tell the story of a business that operates as profit for purpose, distributing dividends to a charity, thereby multiplying our impact.

Lastly, I would use my story to invite people to write their own story of making the world a better place and making tomorrow better than today, one business decision at a time.

Thank you Telstra Business Women’s Awards for this opportunity. Thank you everyone at The Banyans for embodying care, respect and joy.”

Written by Ruth Limkin, CEO of The Banyans Health and Wellness