What business would say no to a 500% return on investment? There is unlikely to be any business that would turn down this ROI. A recent study by Deloitte has found that $1 invested in workplace mental health returns $5 in reduced costs and improved productivity.


As more workplaces become aware of the benefits of workplace wellbeing, especially investing in high-impact areas such as leadership training, it is evident that education is needed to understand what wellbeing means for leaders and their businesses.


Resilient leadership is the key to professional productivity and personal wellbeing

The Banyans Health and Wellness Chief Executive Officer, Ruth Limkin, recently spoke to 12 leaders from the Queensland Government’s Public Safety Business Agency (PSBA) Cyber Security team on resilient leadership.

Ruth shared simple strategies to help them and their teams become more productive professionally and personally well.



Ruth’s presentation was well received and provided the leaders with the confidence they needed to make positive changes, according to the organiser of the presentation.

“The Banyans presented a refreshing, empowering session built on the core principles of wellbeing for my leadership team,” PSBA Cyber Security Director Nick Young said.


“It was incredible to see the realisation of the team as it dawned on them that they needed to look after themselves in order to be effective and influential leaders.”


“One attendee said that the strategies presented were not only practical, but gave them the push they needed to make positive changes in multiple facets of their life.”

The Banyans have long understood the incredible impact that workplace wellbeing can have on businesses. With the introduction of our Workplace Wellbeing Series, which provides employers a four-part, on-demand video training course, we have given businesses the tools to thrive in times of stress and anxiety as they embed wellbeing across their team.




Facets of Wellbeing in the everyday

As part of her presentation, Ruth discussed the Facets of Wellbeing – occupational, physical, spiritual, intellectual, social, and emotional – and how these facets work together in building our own wellbeing.



Ruth encouraged each leader to pick just one small thing they could change which, over the next 12 months, can have big impacts. This could be either career-related or a personal aspiration.

The Banyans is now accepting applications for 2020/21 keynotes and workshops

The team at The Banyans is highly experienced in providing engaging and informative health and wellness presentations.

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