Searching for a recovery program is an exhausting process. You are likely grappling with big emotions, like confusion and desperation. There are so many facilities, inclusions, locations and programs. Discover five essential features to look for in an effective recovery program.


Contributors: Peter Hayton, Clinical Director and Emily Hill, Communications at The Banyans


Choosing a treatment program: What is important?

Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all when it comes to rehab and recovery. That is why there are so many different options available.

But when addiction, mental health or trauma leaves you grappling with big emotions, it can be overwhelming to sort through the options.


Feeling overwhelmed can make it hard to choose a rehab.
When you feel overwhelmed with painful emotions, it can be hard to spot an effective rehab program.


The more you research, the more alternatives you will discover. Likely, this will also lead you to ask plenty of questions.

You may simply want treatment that works. So, how do you spot an effective, residential rehab program?

The Banyans gives you five key features to look for when choosing a residential rehab or recovery program.


1. Focused on you.

Recovery and rehabilitation can be a long and difficult journey. To be long lasting and deeply effective, you must choose a rehab program that provides one-on-one attention and professional support with all of your therapists (including exercise!).


Male therapist talking to woman
You deserve one-on-one attention from a degree qualified therapist.


The benefits of one-on-one treatment include:

  • Minimised distraction and tangents as you and your therapist work together to stay on track;
  • Greater attention from your therapist, promoting deeper exploration of issues and self-understanding;
  • Enhanced progress in a shorter period of time;
  • The development of more specific, effective coping strategies for your unique circumstances.


Look for…

Mostly one-on-one therapy sessions with all of your treating professionals.


2. The certainty of a knowledgeable and experienced treating team.

You wouldn’t ask a shop assistant to fix your leaking toilet. In the same way, it is imperative you receive treatment from experienced, qualified and registered treating professionals.


It's important to give people a space to talk about depression.
Giving people the space to talk honestly about their experience is a powerful tool in recovery.


The unregulated nature of the rehabilitation industry can make it difficult to know who to trust. Choosing a rehab centre with registered, qualified professionals is the best way to ensure you benefit from knowledgeable and experienced therapists.


Look for…

A qualified team of health and wellness professionals, that are registered with their relevant industry organisations.



3. Practical and sustainable.

Many people think rehab is a one-stop shop for recovery. However, this is a myth.

“Rehab is the kick-starter in your recovery journey,” says Peter Hayton, the Clinical Director and Senior Psychologist at The Banyans. “The hardest part of recovery is when you return to everyday life, and you no longer have the “rehab bubble”, he points out.


By choosing a skills-based rehab program, you can go back to life feeling strong with your battle tools ready to go.

Peter Hayton


He encourages that “long term recovery is a lifelong process, and you may have slip ups along the way. But knowing that you have skills to combat these slip ups as they happen, means that you are more likely to stay on track and avoid a relapse,” he says.


Look for…

Therapeutic inclusions that expand your skillset and encourage healthy personal decision making. Look for options such as recreational activities, guided journaling, personal exercise and psychoeducation.



4. Supports you, every step of the way.

No one wants to go to rehab. It can be a daunting choice, and many people struggle to take the first step in their recovery journey.

It is important that your team are there to support you and your loved ones along the way, even before you arrive at their doors.

An effective rehab program provides the therapeutic space and time to uncover the deep drivers of your challenges. By uncovering what contributed to your experiences, you can overcome them and move forward in freedom.


Book on desk about growth.
Additional resources and downtime for reflection are important aspects of your recovery.


But not all progress occurs during your therapy sessions. Lots of growth happens while self-reflecting during your down time. Hence, it’s important that your recovery program has support staff available 24/7 if you need help processing your thoughts and emotions.


When times get tough.

Unfortunately, life isn’t always easy! Stress, anxiety, disappointment and fatigue is an inevitable part of life. During these times, we may feel like returning to our old ways and losing hope.

A truly effective recovery program will provide support options once you complete your residential treatment. Whether it is a structured period of post-residential support, options for telehealth therapy or a shorter “top-up” program, you can be sure that an effective program will be there for you when hard times hit.


Look for…

A supportive and helpful Intake team, around the clock support during your residential stay, and the inclusion of post-residential support.



5. Equipped to provide what you need to recover safely.

Recovery from addiction, mental health challenges or eating disorder can be dangerous and complex. Make sure you prioritise your health by choosing a recovery program that is equipped to provide what you need to recover safely.


Two people work out in a gym
You can identify an effective rehab program by making sure all of your professionals are qualified and experienced.


Choose a facility that:

  • Is permanently located – rather than a rental home for each guest;
  • Has a dedicated area for onsite nursing and medical support;
  • Provides as-desired access to an industry equipped gym;
  • Offers private areas for therapy, self-reflection and rest, away from other guests;
  • Includes spaces for recreation and socialising with staff and other guests.


Look for…

A program with a permanent residence, which is purpose-built with onsite and industry standard facilities.



Finding a rehab just became simple.

The Banyans have made it easy to find a rehab program with all of the essential features. No bells or whistles, The Banyans Recovery Essentials program will get you back on track and thriving again.