Family commitments, business pressures, or a generally busy life may lead you to feel like receiving effective treatment is out of the question. Or perhaps you feel like you “aren’t bad enough” for a ‘live-in’ rehab program. In a digitally connected world like ours, no one should feel like they cannot access the professional support they need.


You may benefit from this article if you are
  • Researching different options for treatment, including online and telehealth options;
  • Interested in alternative methods of rehab delivery;
  • Unable to travel for treatment due to travel restrictions, a health condition or existing family or business commitments.


What is telehealth or e-health treatment?

According to the International Organisation of Standardisation, telehealth simply refers to the “use of telecommunications strategies for the purpose of providing health education over a distance”. Telehealth is also referred to as remote or online treatment, or e-health.

What is telehealth?

The purpose of telehealth treatment is to provide clinical support.

Connects users who are not in the same physical location.

Uses of various types of internet and communication technologies.

The goal is to improve health outcomes.

How does telehealth work?

Telehealth or e-health services are intentionally designed to be delivered using technology. Any good telehealth program will make sure that technologies are user-friendly and robust enough to provide an effective service.


Most often, telehealth services are offered via video conferencing platforms, like Zoom, Skype or FaceTime.


In some cases, e-health initiatives will also include resources like articles or videos, as well as phone calls, interactive online activities and online chats.

Telehealth therapy is offered using online platforms.
Telehealth therapy is offered using online or telephone based communications.


Who benefits most from telehealth?

Telehealth services are suitable wherever treatment can be safely delivered by phone or videoconferencing. Ultimately, your doctor, psychologist or therapist will determine if telehealth is an appropriate and available option for you based on your individual circumstances.

People of many walks of life can benefit from the flexibility and convenience of telehealth treatment.


Working professionals

For some people, a demanding career means that it can be difficult to take significant time away for residential rehabilitation. A telehealth program such as The Banyans at Home may be an option for those who need flexible yet effective professional treatment and support.

Working professionals benefit from telehealth.
Working professionals may benefit from telehealth, as it is a flexible way to receive treatment.


Parents and carers

If you are a parent of young children, or caring for an elderly or disabled person, it is likely unfeasible for you to leave them without appropriate care. In some instances, your care arrangements may give you the opportunity to engage in telehealth treatment for a few hours each day, without needing to travel.


Ehealth options can be good for parents and carers.
Telehealth or e-health options give parents and carers an opportunity to receive support in a less stressful way.


Those unable to travel, due to restrictions or poor health

There can be many reasons why you are restricted from travelling, such as closed borders, health challenges or parole requirements. In this case, a telehealth or e-health arrangement can be the best solution to ensure you receive the professional, high-quality care you need from home.


Telehealth therapy can be a good option for those with chronic illness to receive support.
For those with chronic health conditions, telehealth can offer them the support they need without exerting themselves physically.


Individuals who feel “out of place” in traditional group-based outpatient programs

You may feel like your challenges ‘aren’t bad enough’ for a residential program. Instead, you may feel like you are slipping, slowly losing control of your mental health or substance use. You may not wish to attend group-based outpatient programs, or there may be few options for outpatient therapy in your local area.


Ehealth and telehealth support options help thousands of people access support.
Telehealth is a suitable option for lots of people, regardless of circumstances.


Telehealth treatment options can provide an excellent opportunity to receive one-on-one support within an outpatient-style treatment model.

Not sure if telehealth is right for you?

Your commitments and barriers to treatment are valid. You are not a failure for needing support. We are here to help you navigate your options, and find a solution.

Ask our team to arrange a free, non-obligatory telehealth consult.



Benefits of telehealth treatment

The benefits of telehealth treatment have only increased as new technologies have allowed for greater connection between professionals and patients. The emergence of new possibilities for health care service and delivery have enabled patients to receive healthcare like never before.


Flexible and convenient

Engaging in treatment via telehealth is by far the most flexible and convenient option. This method allows you to receive treatment from any private space with an internet connection, saving you valuable time travelling to and from multiple appointments.

Telehealth is a flexible and convenient treatment option.
You may benefit from the flexibility of telehealth options for treatment.


Continue with everyday life while receiving treatment

An online, e-health or telehealth treatment mode means that you do not need to stay in a residential treatment facility and withdraw from your everyday life.

This can be a huge benefit, as it allows you to:

  • immediately apply your learnings to your everyday life,
  • receive direct professional support for areas that are difficult to change; and
  • provide faster feedback on the effectiveness of your strategies, and learn new methods if necessary.

In addition, telehealth treatment means that you can continue engaging in commitments, and do not need to provide reasons for your absence. This can relieve a huge pressure and ensures your personal privacy.

For people who cannot leave their everyday life for therapy, telehealth is a suitable alternative.
Parents are one group that cannot leave their everyday life for an extended period of time. Telehealth programs like The Banyans at Home can provide an alternative.


Enhanced privacy and confidentiality

Many people are concerned about their privacy and confidentiality when engaging in a rehabilitation or treatment program. One benefit of a telehealth treatment option is that you are completely in charge of when and where your sessions take place, and who sees or hears you engaging in them.

Your sessions are entirely one-on-one with your therapist and can occur over the phone without video conferencing. This offers complete anonymity if you desire.

There are many benefits of telehealth.
Telehealth treatment comes with lots of benefits, including privacy, flexibility and the ability to continue with every day life.


Is telehealth right for me?

You may feel uncertain about telehealth or online treatment. Perhaps you are unsure if it is an effective solution.

Some questions to consider when deciding if telehealth is right for you:

  1. Do you feel unsupported, like you are losing control, or confused about where to find help?
  2. Did you identify with one of the groups of people outlined above who may benefit from a telehealth model of treatment?
  3. Can you access a private place with internet connectivity to engage in a telehealth treatment program?
  4. Are you looking for a way to build your resilience, feel equipped to deal with your problems and move forward with strength?


It's important to give people a space to talk about depression.
Giving people the space to talk honestly about their experience is a powerful tool in recovery.


If you answered yes to any of the questions above, telehealth options may be a suitable way to access treatment.


The Banyans now offers online telehealth treatment programs

You may be struggling to know who to trust when it comes to receiving treatment for addictions, mental health issues, chronic stress or eating disorder. With so many websites looking the same, how do you decide which telehealth provider is going to provide the support you need?

woman and man sitting on chairs talking
Peter Hayton is a registered psychologist, and Clinical Director at The Banyans.


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