When individuals are traumatised, whether the trauma happened throughout youth or adulthood, the distress and discomfort can stay within them up until they are taught the best ways to diffuse it in a safe and healthy way.

Sensations caused by trauma can lead to dissociation, flashbacks, nightmares and addictive behaviours which are utilised as strategies to mask psychological or emotional pain.  Emotional, feeling numb and sleep disruptions are likewise common symptoms of trauma, as are depression, stress, anxiety and irritation. Trauma can be an underlying contributor to addiction or dependency on alcohol, prescription medication or other drugs.


Treatment On A Private Level

The Banyans Health and Wellness provides an individualised treatment program to meet the personal health requirements of each guest. Guests feel safe and secure knowing that all of their therapy is individual and there is no group therapy.  The whole clinical group consisting of doctors, psychiatrists, nurses, psychologists, counsellors and nutritionists work one on one with guests, taking a team approach. The allied health and complementary treatment team  including yoga therapists, masseurs and personal trainers take each guest’s needs into account. The team at The Banyans Rehab Retreat look beyond the symptoms, and identify the underlying causes contributing to addictive behaviour in the client’s life. When we recognise the underlying reasons for our guest’s condition, we treat them using research-based interventions.

When treating trauma, we recognise that trauma is any experience which has an unfavourable impact. It can vary from being chosen last for a school group, to experiencing a home fire or a divorce. The manner in which a specific person experiences an event, and exactly what they state to themselves about it, can have long-term psychological results. Abuse is a kind of trauma which can be physical, mental, sexual, intellectual, spiritual or any mix of these.

The team at The Banyans utilise comprehensive lab testing to identify any physical, biochemical or neurochemical imbalances as we know that guests recover more effectively when their neurochemistry is functioning properly. Treatments such as Equine Therapy are particularly useful for those who have experienced trauma or abuse. Our onsite Eagala accredited Equine Therapy team are an important part of the treatment program for those seeking recovery from trauma.


Treatment Of Trauma and PTSD

It is essential to acknowledge that trauma develops from a mix of physical, mental, biochemical, genetic and social aspects. Our objective is to determine the underlying causes of the trauma and to bring back healthy coping systems so that our guests have the ability to lead a regular life. To reach this goal, we deal with the whole individual: body, mind and spirit.

The symptoms of acute stress disorder (ASD) appear nearly right away after an individual encounters trauma or abuse. They include pins and needles, troubles in responding to normal life occasions and difficulty in controlling anger and suspicion. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can appear as an action to trauma or abuse anywhere from one month to years or years after the terrible experience.

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