Discover Australia’s secret health retreat that is boosting executive performance.

Boasting a fully equipped gym and glamorous restaurant-quality meals, it could be easy to write off The Banyans Health and Wellness as simply another “wellness retreat” for executives who need a break. Yet, a wide multidisciplinary collaborative approach and powerful therapeutic load drives The Banyans’ to produce results that are greater than just healthy eating. With a team of Psychologists, Equine Therapy, Nutritionist, Exercise Physiologist, specialist medical professionals and more, The Banyans is recognised by industry professionals and guests alike as much more than just R&R.

Located in the outer suburbs of Brisbane, Queensland, The Banyans Health and Wellness offers private, individually tailored programs for individuals needing to refresh their vision, productivity and mental capacity.


The eight bedroom luxury residence offers a research-based therapy approach to restoration, ensuring your time and money brings clinically significant and measurable improvements.


One example is Richard Smith*, the chief executive officer of a company based in Sydney. Feeling creatively dry, physically tired and emotionally drained from years of a high-capacity leadership, Richard sought the help of The Banyans to save him from his productivity slump.

Richard’s program included over 40 hours of therapeutic support, consisting of:

  • DISC leadership profiling and business coaching,
  • Discreet psychology sessions,
  • Individualised genetic testing and nutrition consults, cooking classes and personalised diet,
  • Exercise physiology and one-on-one personal training,
  • Private Equine Assisted Therapy with a Psychiatrist,
  • Personal research-based, contemporary therapies like art therapy and music therapy,
  • Exclusive luxury massage and spa treatment and
  • Meditation and mindfulness training to promote reflection and creative thinking.

When Richard entered his program, a psychological assessment (DASS-21) reported that he was experiencing moderate depression, and extremely severe anxiety and stress due to company matters and difficulties in concentration and productivity. At the completion of his residential stay at The Banyans, and two months on, Richard maintained his excellent health, being well within the normal range for depression, stress and anxiety.

One year on from Richard’s residential program at The Banyans, his local treating GP wrote to The Banyans saying: “Richard is now 100 times more productive at work, we are very proud of him [and the changes he has made since The Banyans].”


A retreat at The Banyans Health and Wellness is an investment in any company’s most valuable asset: the health and productivity of its leaders.


If you would be interested in further evaluating the benefits of a health retreat at The Banyans, contact our team 24 hours a day at [email protected] or call us on +61 1300 BANYAN (1300 226 926).


*Richard Smith is not the guest’s real name.