A study published in the General Journal for Psychiatry has shown that 80% of participants receiving treatment in a mental health clinic reported an improvement in general mood and anxiety following physical exercise.

Despite this excellent result, lead researcher Carol Janney said that very few people were reaching the recommended amount of physical activity for optimum emotional and physical health. She attributes this partly to symptoms caused by their mental health challenges, such as fatigue, low mood and lack of motivation.

“Offering physical activity programs inside the mental health clinics may be one of many patient-centred approaches that can improve the mental and physical health of patients,” Janney said. As such, it highlights the necessity for therapists and general practitioners to offer wider lifestyle advice when assisting patients with mental health conditions, rather than simply mental or emotional therapies.

However, it is important to note that some psychiatrists or general practitioners may not have the adequate knowledge of fitness and physical therapies to accurately counsel patients. “Mental health treatment programs need to partner with fitness programs to support their patients’ willingness to exercise more,” Professor Janney said.

This support might come from integrating personal trainers into mental health clinics.

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