Wholistic wellness

What comes to mind when you think of the word “wellness”? For some people, wellness is defined by their current emotional state. Others consider wellness to be the absence of stress. Still others think of themselves as “well” if they have just eaten a tasty meal. All of these people would be correct; however, each is focusing on just one small piece of the wellness puzzle.

At The Banyans, one of the models we use is the Integrated Wellness Approach of the National Wellness Institute co-founder Dr. Bill Hettler. As outlined in our previous blog post, the dimensions of wellness according to this model are Physical, Occupational, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Intellectual. The focus of this blog post is the first of these facets: physical wellness.

Physical wellness

Simply put, physical wellness refers to the state of our body. The better our physical wellness, the healthier we are. One of the primary ways to improve this dimension of our lives is by getting active. There are many physical health risks associated with not getting enough exercise. According to the World Health Organisation, physical inactivity “has been identified as the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality (6%) of deaths globally”. Furthermore, it is “estimated to be the main cause for approximately 21 – 25% of breast and colon cancers, 27% of diabetes, and approximately 30% of ischaemic heart disease”. Essentially, not exercising enough over a long period of time can be life-threatening.

Sports Medicine Australia recommends that people participate in aerobic exercise (such as jogging, cycling, or fast walking) 30 minutes a day, three times a week. They further advise that individuals should engage in resistance training (such as weight-lifting) one to two days a week. To finish it off, it is recommended that people engage in stretching exercises, two to three days a week.

If meeting these guidelines seems too much for you at present, consider making taking small steps to make movement a part of your daily activity. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator on a regular basis might seem inconsequential, but over the course of a month it can add up to a lot of exercise.

When we are physically well we are not only healthier, but happier too. Regular exercise has been proven to improve the emotional states of people suffering with both anxiety and depression. Though the exact connection between mood and exercise is unknown, scientists believe that exercise increases our brain’s production of the chemicals which helps to regulate our mood.

How a wellness program can improve your physical wellness

The Banyans places a high value on all aspects of physical wellness for our guests. As the most comprehensive health and wellness residence in Australia, each guest will have in-house appointments with top medical professionals. We also have a state-of-the-art gym that is designed to cater to people at any fitness level, from people who are just starting their fitness journey to elite athletes. Our range of exercise professionals includes a yoga instructor, a martial arts instructor, and personal trainers.

Designed for integrated restoration, and with an expert team of therapists, health practitioners and wellness coaches, The Banyans Health and Wellness Residence is a place where body and soul prosper in an environment of rest, wellness, and inspired living.

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