Our Specialised Day Programs allow patients the opportunity to address their specific health concerns in individually designed programs based on their needs.

Generally, two levels of program intensity are offered – Essentials and Comprehensive.

The Essentials stream is a flexible support program to provide patients with treatment options to achieve the desired outcome. The Comprehensive stream is for patients with complex presentations. This program engages a broader range of professionals in program development and delivery with a greater emphasis on patient education, training, instruction, and positive behaviour modelling.

Family Programs

Many families experience interpersonal conflict and distress. Facilitated by a Gottman-trained relationship and family counsellor, our Family Programs are designed to provide the opportunity and skill base for participants to develop improved understanding of each other’s perspectives, more constructive ways of interacting with each other, and removing barriers to love and intimacy. The Partners in Relationships Program focuses on strengthening key relationships to improve personal goals and growth and the Strengthening Family Dynamics Program is designed to alleviate the interpersonal issues and difficulties in families.

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Sleep Program

The Sleep Program is designed to establish healthier sleep routines. Using a coordinated treatment team involving both a psychiatrist and psychologist, patients will have improved physiological and emotional wellbeing outcomes. Practitioners will address the sleep and wake cycle, provide strategies to manage anxiety around sleep; identify other contributors to insomnia or excessive sleepiness, and develop healthy life rhythms to promote good sleep hygiene.

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Mindfulness Program

The Mindfulness Program focuses on promoting a stronger sense of clarity, calmness, and connectedness, with patients given tools to emotionally self-regulate and decrease reactivity. Especially beneficial for those suffering from PTSD, the outcome of this program is an increased sense of positivity, reduced anxiety, and a greater sense of intrapersonal and an interpersonal connection with the life they want to live.

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Exercise Program

There are many physical health risks associated with a lack of exercise, including diminished quality of life and poorer mental health. However, when individuals are physically well, they are more likely to be emotionally well. Delivered by exercise physiologists, personal trainers and psychologists, the Exercise Program assists participants to reach personal goals for movement and physical fitness by creating sustainable, realistic habits. Its individual delivery allows the program to be personally tailored for any physical injuries without the concerns of group-based programs.

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Stress Management Program

Stress and the resulting emotional dysregulation can affect relationships, the ability to manage anger, personal happiness and satisfaction. The Stress Program is designed to develop skills for stress relief capacity across a patient’s life. This includes learning how to reframe situations, process negative emotions in a healthy way, integrate new thinking patterns, and trigger the parasympathetic system through yoga and breath control.

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Personal Wellbeing Coaching

The idea of improving personal wellbeing can feel overwhelming, particularly when the various aspects of wellbeing are presented as segregated areas to work on. However, by understanding the integrated aspects of wellbeing, and how they influence each other, patients can be empowered to make small, positive improvements each day to develop beneficial outcomes. Delivered by trained and certified coaches, this seven-session Personal Wellbeing Coaching Program allows participants to learn and reflect on each of the six aspects of wellbeing, score their personal wellbeing and satisfaction on each scale, and develop an action plan for improvement.

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Nutrition Program

The Nutrition Program is designed to assess the individual’s physiological baseline, then deliver treatment that addresses the nutritional, psychological, and practical aspects of improving nutritional health and the subsequent improvements in physical and emotional wellbeing. Delivered by clinical nutritionists, dietitians and general practitioners, patients will receive the education, medical, and supplementary support and practical coaching to develop an understanding of their physiological profile, what nutrition they require, and how to plan and prepare for their daily food intake.

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