Our Specialised Day Programs allow patients the opportunity to address their specific health concerns in individually designed programs based on their needs. Designed for compact, convenient, and intensive support.

Why Specialised Wellbeing Programs?

Compact, convenient and intensive support

Delivered by qualified, registered professionals in a one-on-one environment

Choose a program based on the outcomes you want to achieve

Stress Management Program

Stress and the resulting emotional dysregulation can affect relationships, the ability to manage anger, personal happiness and satisfaction. The Stress Program is designed to develop skills for stress relief capacity across a patient’s life.

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Personal Wellbeing Coaching

Delivered by trained and certified coaches, this seven-session Personal Wellbeing Coaching Program allows participants to learn and reflect on each of the six aspects of wellbeing, score their personal wellbeing and satisfaction on each scale, and develop an action plan for improvement.

Psychologist meeting with a patient about addiction treatment for alcohol

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