The Banyans Health and Wellness is a comprehensive health and rehabilitation program aimed to restore and rejuvenate the whole person; equipping guests with the strength and tools required to overcome their challenges. Our biopsychosocial approach incorporates therapies based in medicine, nutrition, physical health and training, and emotional support.

Medical support

Engaging with medical specialists is a foundational aspect of The Banyans program. Consultations with General Practitioners, Psychiatrists, Registered Nurses and Addiction Medicine Physicians ensure that you are safely cared for.

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Mental health and emotional therapies

Psychological and emotional therapies occupy a significant aspect of your schedule, as degree-qualified professionals encourage insight into the underlying causes of your experiences. The Banyans offers a variety of evidence based and emerging therapies, including psychology, equine assisted therapy, art therapy, and neurologic music therapy.

Physical therapies

Exercise physiologists and personal trainers partner with guests throughout their stay to help restore their physical being. This may include regular sessions in the gym, pool or yoga studio with an experienced health professional, in a program personally tailored and delivered for you.

Nutritional therapies

Advanced genetic testing and nutritional consultations with a qualified nutritionist can assist guests to discover deficiencies and intolerances. Throughout their stay, guests have a personalised nutrition plan and supplement regime that assists in correcting any dietary issues.