In today’s high-tech world with instant communication, we are technically closer than ever before. That is why it’s surprising that people feel increasingly isolated and lack real connections with people. George Monbiot has adeptly called this “the age of loneliness”.

Ignoring these feelings of isolation can frequently lead to negative coping patterns, resulting in addiction problems, eating disorders, anxiety, and stress amongst other things. The results of a recent study suggests that people who are socially isolated face a higher risk of developing drug and alcohol dependency problems than anyone else.

The consequences of alcohol and drug dependency along with the impact on family and friends is well-known, however, the best treatment centres across the world address the root causes behind the dependency; those deep-seated issues within an individual that requires attention.

Bruce K Alexander, a Professor of Psychology, states that “Addiction cannot be understood simply as an affliction of certain individuals with genetic or acquired predispositions to addiction in otherwise well-functioning societies. The most powerful risk factors for addiction are social and cultural rather than genetic or individual”.

What this means is that alcohol and drug dependency is not predetermined by genetic and inherent factors, and everyone that faces such dependencies can experience healing and growth.


Therefore, the opposite of addiction is not sobriety, but rather human connection.


At The Banyans, we understand the need for human connection. We believe that everyone is different, and those individuals facing dependency issues deserve personalised treatment, tailored to their needs. We provide a comfortable, connected, safe, and private environment for everyone that attends our private rehab centre.

Our friendly team of highly experienced professionals tailor-make a growth and rehabilitation plan that addresses all aspects of health and wellbeing, creating a truly holistic approach aimed to treat each person as a whole. The Banyans also provides personal connection with our highly trained specialists, along with offering a unique experience designed to help you or your loved one find a true place of health and wellbeing.

Designed for integrated restoration, and with an expert team of therapists, health practitioners and wellness coaches, The Banyans Health and Wellness Residence is a place where body and soul prosper in an environment of rest, wellness, and inspired living.

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