With Dry July kicking off over the weekend, millions of people across Australia are taking up the pledge to stay sober throughout the month. However, Addiction Medicine Specialist Dr Christian Rowan warns that sudden abstinence from alcohol may be dangerous for some people, and may in fact do more harm than good.

The campaign is one many that aims to raise funds for charity, particularly cancer foundations. This is interesting considering the World Cancer Report stated that alcohol has been shown to increase the likelihood of developing cancer. Dry July also spreads awareness of unhealthy alcohol consumption, along with others including October or FebFast.

“Dry July is a great initiative, and can be really beneficial for most people,” Dr Rowan encourages. “It is an opportunity for people to intentionally consider their alcohol consumption, a well as feel the benefits of reduced intake.” He explains that these benefits may include improved sleep, fewer cravings, and increased concentration and productivity.


However, Dr Rowan is particularly concerned about those who expose their bodies to large amounts of alcohol on a regular basis.


“The body can develop a physical dependency to alcohol, in which it has adapted to regularly having high concentrations of alcohol in the blood,” Dr Rowan explains. In some instances, going “cold turkey” can be fatal as the body struggles to cope without it. He advises, “it is incredibly important that people seek medical guidance before drastically reducing their consumption.”

The Banyans Health and Wellness undertakes a medically assisted approach to alcohol detox, and our highly experienced team of medical and therapeutic professionals are able to assist throughout your journey. “I work individually with guests to help them safely remove alcohol from their lives,” Dr Rowan comments. “My colleagues and I work together to address your alcohol dependency from all aspects: medical, emotional, nutritional and physical.”

If you think an approach like this would be beneficial for yourself or someone you love, please call 1300 BANYAN (1300 226 926) for a no obligation, private discussion. Alternatively, you can submit an enquiry below .

For more information about Dry July and the Dry July Foundation, visit the website here.