As border restrictions around Australia tighten due to outbreaks of the novel Coronavirus, The Banyans Health and Wellness remains open for business and is able to work with the Queensland Government regarding permission to travel here for treatment.


The Queensland Government closed its borders to Victorians from midday on July 10 and will extend this at 1am on August 1 to residents of Sydney. While the border closures are strictly enforced, the State Government will, on occasion, give travel permission for those needing to obtain essential medical treatment.

The Banyans Health and Wellness Chief Executive Officer, Ruth Limkin, says the availability of world-class, evidence-based clinical care is increasingly vital as the adverse long-term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health become apparent.


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The Banyans is a world-class residential rehabilitation centre, with access to leading medical professionals and the expertise to treat a wide range of concerns.


“More and more people are reporting their mental health is suffering as a result of the pressures associated with the pandemic,” Ruth says.


“We are fortunate that governments are aware of this and are helping those in need, where possible, to access appropriate and effective care that will help to save lives at the end of the day.”


The Banyans Health and Wellness is a private residential rehabilitation and treatment facility for those suffering from mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and eating disorders among many others. Treatment is also available for those dealing with substance dependency, including alcohol, prescription medication, and illicit drugs.




Its point of difference is its access to medical specialists, including a registered Addiction Medicine Physician and Psychiatrist, as well as degree-qualified registered health practitioners including clinical psychologists and nutritionists.

“The fact that we are one of the only residential treatment facilities in Australia offering medically trained staff is beneficial when seeking permission to travel here,” Ruth says, adding internal research has shown guests experience a 70% improvement in their mental health status after completing a program at The Banyans Health and Wellness.

“What we are doing here is truly unique and results in outcomes that are just not attainable in other rehabilitation facilities in Australia.”




Suicide Rate Forecast to Escalate

Providing treatment for escalating and new mental health conditions is viewed by many experts as crucial with the suicide toll expected to be double the COVID-19 death rate as anxiety and depression rates skyrocket as a result of the crisis and the economic downturn.

A recent survey, compiled by Associate Professor, Jill Newby, of UNSW based at the Black Dog Institute, found more than 75% of people believed their mental health had deteriorated since the outbreak of COVID-19 with more than 80% saying they were concerned about the future.

Fears of loneliness and financial stress were nominated as areas of great concern among the 5,000 survey respondents.

The insurance industry has further backed the survey results with many insurers bracing for a surge in claims relating to psychological health due to the pandemic.


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Alcohol Use on the Rise

The Black Dog Institute survey also revealed a jump in the number of people using alcohol excessively as a way of coping with anxiety. It found 48.6% of those with a prior mental health condition were drinking to excess, while 54.6% of people without prior mental health concerns were also drinking at excessive levels.

While offering a wide range of programs for various conditions including mental health conditions, eating disorders, and substance dependency, The Banyans has experienced a significant jump in the number of people enquiring about and seeking treatment for dependency on alcohol.


The use of substances can help us avoid unpleasant feelings, and spurs a pursuit of short-lived enjoyment.


“Our enquiries certainly support the evidence that Australians are seeking respite from pandemic-related stresses through using greater quantities of alcohol,” The Banyans CEO, Ruth, says.


“I would say the majority of our guests in recent months have been battling dependency on alcohol, and we are proud that we have been able to help them to overcome this and to enable them to rediscover what living well feels like.”


The Banyans Recovery Essentials package is a good starting point for those dealing with dependence on alcohol, while the Recovery Program for Alcohol Misuse offers a more comprehensive treatment package including access to a variety of therapies.

Offering an all-inclusive, holistic approach to recovery, the Intake Team at The Banyans Health and Wellness is available any time to help design a personalised program for private rehabilitation and to assist in seeking permission to travel to Queensland.

For a confidential discussion about how you or someone you care about can benefit from The Banyans, call us on 1300 BANYAN (1300 226 926) or complete the online form below.