Peter Hayton was delighted to join some of Brisbane’s leading business people at the Brisbane North Chamber of Commerce Night Owls event. In a laid back presentation, Peter helped business people question where they ­­­were at with things like alcohol, encouraging people to be responsible with what they consume.


Business owners focus on everyday effects of alcohol

Held monthly, the Brisbane North Chamber of Commerce event draws on local members of the community to present an engaging and informative presentation to guests. The event often attracts business owners from the north side of Brisbane.


Stress starts substance use for successful business leaders

“We know that stress is one of the leading pressure points in the lives of business owners and executives,” Peter highlighted. “We also know that stress can become one of the major underlying drivers of alcohol misuse.”

As many busy, hard working business owners attempt to juggle work, family and social commitments, they may turn to alcohol to “take off the edge.”

Peter says that can inadvertently develop into an unhealthy reliance on alcohol. “When this sort of problematic behaviour develops slowly over time, we may overlook some of the disruptive effects of alcohol.” He touched on topics such as sleep, productivity and mood.


Small strategies lead to sustainable change

In his discussion, Peter talked about the popularity of alcohol-free initiatives like FebFast, Ocsober and Dry July. He identified that such initiatives can be very beneficial in breaking an unhealthy pattern and allowing your body time to rest.

“However,” he warned, “these initiatives are not recommended for individuals who are already drinking at significant levels.” Peter touched on the importance of medically assisted detox for those who are at risk of alcohol withdrawal.

Curious to know more about substance withdrawal and risks of going alcohol free? Addiction Medicine Specialist Dr Christian Rowan explains the dangers.


Peter continued to elaborate on the harms of alcohol through the Facets of Wellbeing model: the same model that underlies the integrated wellness approach at The Banyans.


CEO offers suggestions for improvement

CEO of The Banyans, Ruth Limkin, also attended at the Night Owls event. Ruth expanded on Peter’s points regarding accidental dependency, sharing about the impacts of small, consistent lifestyle changes.

“I often highlight the benefit in making small, everyday changes, rather than monumental ones,” Ruth explains. “Not only are they easier to implement, they are more likely to be sustainable over time.”


Teaching the top: the flow on effect of educating leaders

The Banyans Health and Wellness regularly holds workplace wellness workshops, seminars and keynote presentations. Among some of their clients include Expedia, MBA students at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), and successful professionals at The Gathering.

Research shows that workplaces gain $5.82 in improved productivity for every $1 spent on a workplace wellness initiative.


Ruth believes that educating from the top facilitates a much faster, and long lasting culture change in an organisation.


“If a leader understands the importance of their health and wellness, they are much more likely to make wellbeing a priority in their workplace and for their employees.”


Personal health benefits the workplace overall

As the Clinical Director at The Banyans, Peter has witnessed the benefits of leader-driven change. “We have many high-functioning business professionals complete a program at The Banyans. They may come for alcohol misuse, drug abuse or chronic stress,” he says.

“Although we see excellent outcomes in helping them recover from such challenges, we definitely see the greatest change in their overall lifestyle.

“The greatest impact when they return home is on their relationships – the improvements in their home life and workplace, as they prioritise strategies for better health and wellbeing.”



Business people encourage to consider workplace wellness

Many watched workplace wellness sweep the world over, with many organisations implementing free fruit in the tea room, workplace yoga and “stretch breaks” throughout the work day.

Although championed for their innovation and attempts to create positive changes, Ruth Limkin says that this simply isn’t enough.

“These initiatives – that are solely in-office and handed to employees – are not enough to help someone live an overall healthy lifestyle,” she explains. “It’s like giving a man a fish, when a presentation from The Banyans could give them a fishing rod.”

Is it time that you equipped your employees with the strategies, understanding and enthusiasm to start living well? A presentation from The Banyans Health and Wellness could do just that.

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