The inclusion of medical support in a recovery program at The Banyans is not just an “added benefit”, it is a crucial aspect for safe and ongoing recovery. Many conditions, including substance misuse, mental health challenges and eating disorders have had detrimental effects on the body and it’s function, and so require qualified medical professionals to be delivering care.

At The Banyans Health and Wellness, medical support is one of the important features of our programs. Our multidisciplinary team of treating professionals span medicine, psychology, expressive therapies, physical exercise and nutrition – allowing for restoration and long-term treatment of the whole self.

Dr Christian Rowan is the Chief Medical Officer at The Banyans. The team of highly qualified professionals includes Psychiatrists, General Practitioners, and Registered Nurses. Dr Rowan states: “Medical support is imperative if someone is going to receive safe and effective treatment for their condition.”

Below are four reasons why medically supported therapy is an important consideration in any rehabilitation or recovery program.


Safe detoxification from substance dependency

“A ‘cold turkey’ method to drug or alcohol withdrawal is one of the most dangerous approaches towards recovery,” advises Dr Rowan. “Depending on the level of regular intake, the body can respond poorly to a sudden absence of the substance in your system. At best, this may be uncomfortable, but in some cases may be fatal.” Regular medical supervision by highly qualified Addiction Medicine Specialists, such as Dr Christian Rowan, Psychiatrists, Registered Nurses and General Practitioners is the safest way to manage physical dependency.


Effective medication changes

Dr Anja Kriegeskotten is the Lead Psychiatrist at The Banyans, and conducts medication reviews with guests if necessary. She explains the importance of a medically supported approach to recovery by saying, “it is necessary to review medications used for their benefit to the individual and to minimise harm. There is minimal benefit in prescribing a medication that will not relieve the symptoms appropriately or cause significant side effects. Psychiatric medication and psychological therapies need to work hand in hand for the best outcome of the guest.”

It can be dangerous to quickly reduce or change medications. Having a medically supervised approach ensures guests are at less risk of unqualified carers managing such changes.

Dr Kriegeskotten encourages individuals to avoid relying on prescription medication as a “fix all”, but rather view them as a tool that can help guests reach an even keel. “Medications can be helpful in allowing guests to reach a place of stability and be able to better use healthy coping mechanisms, in order to better tackle some other difficulties.”


Accurate diagnoses

Many conditions have a number of overlapping symptoms, whether it be burnout, a mental health condition, an eating disorder or addiction or dependency. Some of these symptoms may be physical, such as chest pain, fatigue, hot/cold sweats or headaches. Identifying and treating these professionally is necessary for appropriate and effective therapy moving forward.

Similarly, Dr Kriegeskotten points out that dual diagnoses is quite common with many health experiences. “Therefore, having a multimodal treatment approach is essential for recovery and rehabilitation, and medical support is an integral part of that.”


Thorough, comprehensive support for the whole self

The Banyans Health and Wellness team is comprised of over 55 qualified staff with over 300 years of cumulative experience in their relevant fields. Incorporating medical support in collaboration with other therapeutic professionals means that the level of care offered at The Banyans is highly comprehensive and research based.

Dr Kriegeskotten acknowledges the importance of a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach. “As a Psychiatrist, I benefit greatly from working with my colleagues from other disciplines at The Banyans. Together, we are able to provide a standard of care and therapeutic intensity that is virtually impossible if I am treating a guest on my own.”

Medical treatment and therapy is one of the fundamental ways people take care of themselves, and contributes largely to the Physical Dimension of Wellness (National Wellness Institute). Long lasting recovery is maintained only when each Dimension is treated, restored and nurtured. Medical support from an Addiction Medicine Specialist, Psychiatrist, General Practitioners and Registered Nurses is one way that The Banyans facilitates the long-term restoration of the whole self.

The Banyans Health and Wellness is a rehabilitation facility for individuals experiencing chronic stress and burnout, mental health challenges, substance misuse, eating disorder, trauma or PTSD and a variety of other conditions. If you would like to make an enquiry for yourself or something you love, please fill out the contact form below or contact our experienced Intake Team on +61 1300 BANYAN (1300 226 926).