With Christmas quickly approaching, we may think that alcohol is a quick and easy gift for the hardest person to buy for. The Banyans offers twelve alcohol free gift ideas to help you fill the gaps, while staying mindful of your loved one’s health and wellness.


12 Alcohol Free Gift Ideas for Christmas

We all know people that are hard to buy for – or maybe we just forgot! With Christmas quickly approaching, we may be tempted to pop into the liquor store for an easy last minute gift.

However, for those struggling with their relationship with alcohol or perhaps those who are recovering from unhealthy alcohol use, there are healthy gift options that are just as easy.\


A massage voucher

$$ – $$$

This gift is commonly thought of for women, but rarely for our male counterparts. A therapeutic massage is not only relaxing, luxurious and calming, it is scientifically proven to have clinical benefits on our physical and mental health.


A massage is a good alcohol-free Christmas gift.
A therapeutic and relaxing massage is a wonderful way to treat your loved ones this Christmas.


A new year planner

$ – $$$

Although a new year planner can be a personal preference, many people would appreciate a beautiful, practical planner. Some of The Banyans favourites come from Moleskine, Kikki K and Brendon Bourchard’s High Performance Planner.


A planner is a great alternative to alcohol this Christmas.
A planner for the New Year is a great gift alternative for alcohol.


Tickets to a wellbeing retreat


If you are wanting to spoil the person you care about, tickets to a wellbeing retreat is the perfect gift! Securing them a spot in a three day wellbeing retreat like The Life Audit gives them a restful, empowering and enjoyable weekend that they will never forget.




Steel water bottle or Keep Cup

$$ – $$$

Environmentally friendly water bottles and keep cups are popular at the moment, and there are an abundance of stylish options available.


Activity vouchers for wellness activities

$ – $$

Wellness activities such as float tanks, outdoor activities, or painting classes are all healthy, beneficial alternatives to alcohol. Gifting your loved one with an experience is a great way to let them enjoy rest and create positive memories.


A painting class is a good alcohol free gift.
Gifting your loved one with a wellness activity may be a great alcohol free gift idea.


Bath salts and pamper products

$ – $$$

 Luxury bath salts, body scrubs and exfoliates are restful ways to encourage healthy stress relief. Natural, luxury products often incorporate essential oils and aromatherapy to provide relaxation and enjoyment.

Bath salts are a relaxing Christmas gift.
Pamper products like bath salts or oils are relaxing alcohol-free alternatives for Christmas gifts.


A book

$ – $$

Despite books often being seen as an unthoughtful gift, the wide-array of books and guides on offer can display quite the opposite! Choosing a novel, biography, recipe book or motivational book that aligns with your loved ones interests or goals can be a great way to show them you care.

A book can be a thoughtful alternative for alcohol at Christmas.
A book can be a thoughtful alternative for alcohol at Christmas.


The Banyans suggests:

The Sleep Book, Guy Meadows

High Performance Habits, Brendon Bourchard

Never Split the Difference, Christopher Voss

The Happiness Trap, Russ Harris



Headphones, Airpods or Wireless Speaker

$$ – $$$

Many people benefit from private meditation or white noise as a method of calming anxious thoughts. Purchasing a high quality set of headphones or Airpods may help them focus their mind in the day-to-day, and help them be more mindful of their surroundings.

A wireless speaker is also a simple way to encourage a restful environment, especially before bed. Many music apps like Spotify, Apple Music or Headspace have calming playlists that are perfect for before bed, and get you in the zone for a deep sleep.

Many people use music to calm anxious thoughts.
Headphones or earphones can be a great alcohol free gift alternative.


Loose leaf herbal tea and tea pot set

$ – $$

Herbal teas are a lovely replacement for caffeine, especially in the afternoon and evening. Gifting someone with an organic loose leaf herbal tea and tea pot set is a nice way to encourage them to take a pause in their day.

The Banyans favourites are peppermint, chamomile or lemongrass teas.


Herbal tea is a relaxing alcohol free gift.
Herbal tea is a relaxing alcohol free gift.


Diffuser and essential oils

$ – $$

Reed diffusers, and essential oil diffusers are a modern take on the popular, classic scented candle. With the trend sweeping the market in recent years, there are now a wide variety of diffusers, oils and packages available both in store and online.

The Banyans recommended purchases quality essential oils from organic suppliers. Our favourites scents are lavender, eucalyptus and peppermint.


A diffuser is a nice alcohol-free gift.
An oil diffuser is a beautiful alcohol-free gift.


Tickets to a cultural event, like a theatre show or the ballet

$$ – $$$

Recreation is an important part of a balanced life, including cultural activities that sharpen and expand the mind. Why not treat your loved on by purchasing tickets to an upcoming event in your city?

Going to see the ballet may be a good alternative Christmas gift.
A cultural experience like the ballet may be a positive gift this Christmas.


Monogrammed stationery, phone case or travel articles

$$ – $$$ 

Monogramming has taken off a stunning way to personalise a gift – and everyone loves receiving something that is just for them!

Whether it be a phone case, a pencil case, planner, notebook, bag tag or overnight bag, a monogrammed piece is a thoughtful gift.


A monogrammed piece is a lovely alcohol-free Christmas gift!
A monogrammed piece, like a wallet, duffle bag or phone case, is a great personalised Christmas gift.



Still stuck for ideas? There are plenty more options for an alcohol free Christmas gift, such as a restaurant voucher, a weekend away, luxury pyjamas or even a subscription to a streaming service or guided meditation app.


Are you struggling this Christmas season?


Are you feeling trapped in the maze of addiction, mental health, trauma or eating disorder? For some people, Christmas is not the most wonderful time of the year – it reminds us of our pain, and leads us towards unhealthy coping strategies to self medicate.

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