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The Best Luxury Addiction Rehab Centre For Those Struggling With Addiction – Why People Are Finding Effective Treatment At Our Private Addiction Rehab


Unfortunately, Australia is one of the top nations worldwide for the use of several forms of illegal drugs. Australia is also one of the top countries, second only to the USA, for addiction to prescription medications such as codeine, oxycodone, endone, fentanyl and others.

Just like other chronic illness, without the correct therapy, dependency on alcohol and drugs can increase over time. If your dependency on drugs has increased, it has become addictive and you cannot quit or moderate usage, it’s important to look for help as soon as possible.


Why Are People Choosing The Banyans As Their Addiction Rehabilitation Centre?

The Banyans provides discreet, effective treatment and a place to unwind in a private rehab centre. Discretion is often a key concern for our guests. There is no group therapy, with all therapy individually delivered to protect your confidentiality.

 The Banyans delivers proven integrated therapy programs during your stay to ensure that you are able to return home and reengage with your professional and personal life and experience the freedom of recovery.


Why The Banyans Is The Right Addiction Rehab For You

You need to find the right help for your healing and The Banyans delivers proven success. The Banyans provides a luxury private retreat to rest and feel well. Our wellness retreat provides medically informed psychiatric and psychological support and practical assistance together with various wellbeing treatments to help improve your physical and emotional resilience. We provide proven, world-class treatment tailored to that offers excellent success rates, making us one of the most effective residential rehab centres in Australia.

A Friendly And Highly Skilled Team Is Available

We take recovery seriously, which is why we only have the best professional staff on our team. With Pain and Addiction Medical Specialists, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Therapists, Nutritional experts, Yoga Therapists, Personal Trainers, Counsellors, Wellness Coaches, Physiotherapists and Chefs on our team, we work to better learn about you specifically and help you through your recovery process.


Get Help Now

Connect with the best addiction rehab centre in Queensland, Australia to have a no-obligation discussion about your addiction rehabilitation requirements and how The Banyans can help you on your recovery journey. We are a preferred centre for guests from Melbourne and Sydney for convenience and privacy.

Fill out our contact form on our contact page or call us today on 1300 BANYAN +61 1300 226 926 if contacting from outside Australia. Give us a call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.