A Private Luxury Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Retreat in Brisbane

The path to recovery can be daunting, especially when it’s an addiction to something as entrenched in social culture as alcohol.  We use it to celebrate, commiserate and connect with friends and family. It’s not surprising then that many Australian’s find themselves turning to drugs, such as ice, cocaine and alcohol on a regular basis to relieve stress, cope with trauma and grief, and depend on to cope in social situations, gradually reaching consumption levels that are destructive to their health, relationships and livelihood. We understand that addiction can happen to anyone, and we’re here to help you take your life back.

The Banyans provides an adaptable, confidential, luxury retreat for those dealing with drug and alcohol abuse to break the addiction cycle and rehabilitate, healing their physical and emotional health, whether you’re from Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney or anywhere else in Australia or the world.


The Banyans Brisbane: Alcohol, Cocaine & Ice Rehabilitation with a Difference

Australians are using substances, such as cocaine and ice, at an alarming rate as demand is met with an increasing ease. We’re here to help break that cycle for you. At our private drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres in Brisbane, we provide informed, integrated medical, psychological and therapeutic treatment plans for drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Set in luxury surrounds, The Banyans provides customised treatment in a relaxed, comfortable retreat with a team of doctors, psychologists and therapists to help your recover. Our treatment also includes customised exercise and nutrition plans to tailor your needs. Our mission is to guide you through your healing journey, adapting your treatment when and as you need to meet your goals and restore your health and wellbeing.


Taking the First Step to Rehabilitation

Asking for help is the first step on the journey to addiction recovery, and The Banyans staff are here to help from the get go. With increasing numbers of people over indulging in the party lifestyle and turning to drugs and alcohol to deal with stress, anxiety, trauma and grief, it’s not uncommon for a seemingly healthy relationship with substances to turn into a destructive addiction. This destructive cycle can happen to anyone. At our private drug rehabilitation centres in QLD The Banyans commitment to confidentiality means you can feel safe and secure to reach out for the assistance you need.

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Private Executive Rehabilitation Services

Addiction is not a socio-economic problem and it doesn’t discriminate between race, gender, social status or financial standing. Many high-level executives, elite athletes and public figures find themselves turning to drugs and alcohol to help deal with the stress of high profile, high pressure lifestyles. The Banyans is committed to providing complete confidentiality so clients can focus on their recovery and have the best chance of rehabilitation without the stress of public attention and judgement.


What You Can Expect

Forget about your preconceptions about ‘rehab’. The Banyans is a luxury retreat providing relaxed, supportive treatment in a comfortable and supportive environment. Each individual has their own set of stresses, triggers and addictions and as such each person receives an integrated treatment plan customised to their needs. Our professional team work with you to build a therapy strategy incorporating medical support, psychological support, exercise, nutrition, equine therapy and leisure to nourish your mental wellbeing and rebuild physical health. A typical treatment plan will incorporate elements of the following:

  • Medical assessments
  • Psychological assessments
  • Psychiatric assessments and medication review
  • Pathology testing, DNA testing and extensive analytics and diagnosis
  • Nutritional planning and chef prepared meals
  • Private therapy sessions with Master’s qualified professionals
  • Evidence based additional therapies including Equine Assisted Therapy onsite with highly qualified and accredited team
  • Art Therapy and Music therapy
  • Physical Therapies including personal training, martial arts, swimming, bush walks, country running and more
  • Yoga therapy
  • Spa sessions including signature treatments, massage and steam therapy
  • Fun recreational activities (optional) like horse riding on the beach, abseiling, kayaking, helicopter charters and more
  • Family coaching and support
  • Extensive aftercare, formalised in your Return to Life plan


Read more about a typical day of treatment at The Banyans here.


Find out why we’re one of the premier private drug rehabilitation centres in Brisbane. For a confidential discussion about treatment or our facilities for you or someone you know, or if you’re interested in our treatment programs for depression, talk to our friendly staff on +61 1300 226 926. Our line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for when you feel comfortable enough to reach out. We’re listening.