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Overcoming addiction is no easy task, but taking the first steps to find the right support to help you as you begin the road to recovery is an immensely empowering one.

Substance misuse is more prevalent in Australia than you might think. It’s estimated that around 1 in 20 Australians has an addiction or substance abuse problem. So, if you’re beginning the journey to overcoming addiction, know you are not alone. With personal commitment, the right treatment program and professional support, this challenge can be won.

At The Banyans, we understand that addiction can happen to anyone, and we’re here to help you break the cycle and get your life back on track.


Why Choose to Attend a Drug & Alcohol Rehab?

There are many reasons someone might seek rehab, either for themself or a loved one.

Drinking alcohol is a significant part of Australian culture, and for most people, alcohol consumption doesn’t pose much risk or concern. But for others, what may start as trying to keep up with social normalities or ‘taking the edge off’ of life’s stressors can begin to spiral out of control.

Drug addiction could be to illicit or prescription drugs, and again, many different reasons could lead someone down this path.

Whether you’re caught in the cycle of addiction and struggling to break it on your own, you’re concerned that you’re on the slippery path to full-blown addiction, or you simply need a break to reassess the role of drugs or alcohol in your life, rehab can help.


The Banyans: A Drug & Alcohol Rehab With a Big Difference

As the premier Brisbane rehab centre for drugs and alcohol, our team isn’t here to judge you for your reasons for attending rehab. Our only focus is on supporting you through our tailored, evidence-based treatment programs to get your life back on track.

Our drug and alcohol rehab provides a confidential retreat for those dealing with substance abuse to break the addiction cycle and rehabilitate, healing your physical and emotional health – whether you’re from Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney – or anywhere else in Australia or the world.

Set in luxury surroundings, The Banyans provides customised addiction treatment and research-backed therapeutic interventions with a team of doctors, psychologists and therapists to help your recovery.

Our programs include customised exercise and nutrition plans tailored to meet your needs. Our mission is to guide you through your healing journey, adapting your treatment when and as you need to meet your goals and restore your health and well-being.


Explore Rehabilitation Services for All Walks of Life

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Addiction is not a socio-economic problem and doesn’t discriminate between race, gender, social status, or financial standing.

Many high-level executives, elite athletes, and public figures turn to drugs and alcohol to help deal with the stress of high-profile, high-pressure lifestyles.

The Banyans is committed to providing complete confidentiality so clients can focus on their recovery and have the best chance of rehabilitation without the stress of public attention and judgement.


Rehab for Alcohol & Drug Addiction: What to Expect

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For most people, their perceptions and ideas of drug or alcohol rehab are usually based on exaggerated depictions from movies and television shows. Alcoholic rehab depictions of not only the environments they take place in but the ‘types’ of people who attend them aren’t usually pleasant. The idea of being shut away for most of the day in grey, lifeless medical centres and expected to participate in group therapy circles isn’t appealing to many.

At The Banyans, we’re rewriting the script of what you can expect from rehab.

With a focus on providing a genuinely welcoming, relaxed and supportive environment, our aim is for you to feel comfortable, valued and seen for the individual you are. Everyone has their own set of stresses, triggers, and life experiences that contribute to their addictions and decisions to attend rehab.

For this reason, our team ensures that each person receives an integrated treatment plan customised to their needs. We work with you to build a therapy strategy incorporating medical support, psychological support, exercise, nutrition, equine therapy, and leisure to nourish your mental well-being and rebuild your physical health.

  • A typical treatment plan will incorporate elements of the following:
  • Medical Assessments & Medical Review
  • Psychiatric & Psychological Assessments
  • Pathology & DNA Testing
  • Nutritional Planning
  • Private Therapy with Master’s Qualified Professionals
  • Evidence-based Additional Therapies, including Equine Assisted Therapy
  • Art & Music therapy
  • Physical Therapies, including personal training, martial arts, yoga, swimming, bush walks, country running and more
  • Spa Therapies
  • Social & Recreational Activities (if desired)
  • Family Coaching & Support
  • Extensive Aftercare via Return to Life Plan

Read more about a typical day of treatment at The Banyans here.



Doug’s Addiction Recovery with The Banyans

After battling an ice addiction for ten years, Doug, thirty, engaged in a residential addiction rehab program with The Banyans. Three years later, Doug says his life today is incomparable. This is Doug’s story.



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“It’s just the fact it’s a one-on-one focus and that made me feel that I wasn’t just a number. It’s tailored to suit my background and this holistic approach I favoured was exactly what I needed. It gave me the necessary tools to succeed and move forward in mind, body and soul.”


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