Entering a health recovery or rehabilitation program is a new experience and can be daunting for some people. Hence, the comfortable residential nature of The Banyans makes you feel at home while you seek restoration and recovery.

Pre arrival

Choosing to commence the journey to recovery is a very courageous step, and we commend you for beginning the process. The Banyans Health and Wellness understands that the pre-arrival phase can be confronting for many people, as well their loved ones.

The Grand Banyans Suite

Your first day

Your first day at The Banyans Health and Wellness is lighter than the other days of the program. You will visit one of our highly qualified general practitioners for an initial intake appointment, and then be transported to our residence to settle in and meet your team.

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A typical day

There is no such thing as a typical day at The Banyans as each individual’s program is different. However, The Banyans Health and Wellness offers a comprehensive, clinically appropriate, therapy-rich program with plenty of time to rest and recover by the pool or in your suite.

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At The Banyans Health and Wellness, we believe that balance is an important aspect of your wellbeing – not only in recovery, but in your every day life. To help you begin to recalibrate your life, there is no scheduled therapy on weekends.

Usually, guests will go offsite to enjoy a recreational activity such as golf, paddle boarding, horse riding or a trip to the museum.

In consultation with the clinical team, off-site visitation with loved ones or family members can also be arranged.

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Preparing to depart

In preparing to leave The Banyans Health and Wellness residence, we make sure you feel equipped and ready to return to your daily life. You will return home with a personalized transition plan, which you will have developed with our clinical director. The Banyans also offers structured post-residential support to ensure long lasting health and recovery.

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