There is no such thing as a typical day at The Banyans as each individual’s program is different. However, The Banyans Health and Wellness offers a clinically appropriate, therapy-rich program with plenty of time to rest and recover.

Throughout the first two weeks of your stay at The Banyans Health and Wellness, use of personal digital devices is restricted.

Digital use throughout the remainder of your stay is arranged in consultation with your psychologist and the clinical director. Some guests may schedule time throughout their stay to allow for some family or business commitments to be met.

bowl of healthy breakfast
7:30 AM Wake and Breakfast

Research suggests that waking at a regular time each day stimulates natural adjustments to your circadian rhythm and encourages a better, more restful sleep. Your wellness coaches and psychologist can help facilitate a healthy sleeping pattern and morning routine.

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9 AM Nurse Assessment

Medical support and supervision is a key component of your program at The Banyans. Our onsite nurses meet regularly with guests to ensure the safest and most effect medical approach to recovery.

man talking to woman on chairs
10 AM Individual Psychology Session

Emotional therapies are paramount in identifying the underlying contributors of your experience. You will engage in psychology sessions regularly to deepen your insight whilst building a practical toolkit for recovery.

male trainer helping woman on tredmill
11:15 AM Personal Training

In consultation with our exercise physiologist, your personal trainer will guide you through a personally tailored exercise program to help you meet goals and improve your physical health.

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12:30 PM Lunch

Our highly experienced chefs create lunch each day to ensure you are receiving delicious, nutritious and beautiful meals throughout your stay.

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1:30 Personal time

This time can be spent with other guests, or can be enjoyed in the privacy of your own suite.

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3:30PM Neurologic Music Therapy

Music therapy is the creative use of music to improve and maintain positive health and wellbeing. This type of contemporary therapy is scientifically based, and is very beneficial for those who may struggle with traditional talking therapies.

salmon and salad
5:30 PM Dinner

Enjoy a nourishing meal designed by our chefs, incorporating the freshest produce from local and organic sources.

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6:30 PM Evening Rest and Reflection

Evenings are an excellent time to reflect on your day and journal your progress. Socialising with wellness coaches and other guests, engaging in recreation activities (such as watching a movie in the theatre, playing a game of pool) or connecting with friends and family by phone are also options for evening hours.


Guests receive their schedule each evening, and our team of wellness coaches are there to support and organise guests throughout their stay.