On arrival for your stay at The Banyans our experienced staff will meet you at the airport or your home and chauffeur you to your medical assessment, so you can have the confidence of excellent medical care at the outset of your recovery experience. Because we want to provide the best assistance, we have a limited number of guests staying with us at any one time.

Medical Examination

Rather than skip robust medical treatment and rely on inadequately qualified personnel, The Banyans Health and Wellness understands the importance of each stage of the rehabilitation process. Our comprehensive wellness approach understands there are many facets to effective treatment so we facilitate your specific treatment with the best professionals and specialists.  You will already have been briefed during the pre-arrival consultations, so you have a good indication of your likely requirements. This means you arrive at your medical appointment informed and ready to receive the best possible care.

After your medical examination, you may be able to continue directly to The Banyans Wellness Residence. If you require medically assisted detox, you will benefit from a period of care and support only available in a private hospital facility, and supervised by highly trained Addiction Medicine specialists. If needed, the brief stay in a private hospital ensures you experience the comfort and medical care necessary for what otherwise can be an upsetting detoxification period.

Your Arrival

On arrival at The Banyans Wellness Residence, you alight to a warm welcome from our team. You will be shown into our stunning residence and hear more about your personalised wellness program.

You will be offered your choice of espresso coffee, specially selected organic teas or refreshing cool drink to ease you into the culinary delights that support your wellness journey.  In your induction consultation, you will become more familiar with all the aspects of the residence and surrounds, how to engage with the program and what the elements of your schedule involve.

The Tour

You’ll get to meet the in-house Executive Chef during your tour of the residence, and be familiarised with the movie theatre, library, gym, formal and informal lounge areas and pool and gardens. Dedicated staff provide a complementary unpacking service to allow you the time you need to settle into your spacious bedroom suite. Valuables can be locked in your in-room safe, and any medication you bring with you is safely stored.

The Schedule

You’ll be shown your schedule for the next day, which will often include an early drive with one of our team to have a range of pathology tests done. These will allow your personal nutritional and biochemical profile to begin being developed. Once you have settled in, you may wish to rest for a while or have a relaxing swim. If you are feeling particularly energetic, you might want to work out in the gym.

Your Evening

At the end of your first day, you may wish to select a book from the library for bedtime reading rather than watch television. Staff can set up your preferred calming essential oils to promote rest and you can select your preferred temperature with individually controlled reverse-cycle air conditioners in each room.  Your opportunity for rest and sleep is supported by the knowledge that on-site staff are only a few steps away should you need them throughout the night.