Working with a range of medical practitioners, allied health professionals and other therapists, The Banyans values the cross-referrals we operate with providers.


Health Professionals

If you are a health professional and want to refer a patient, you can contact our Senior Psychologist, head to our contact page to leave your details or call today.

We will then make contact with you directly to discuss your patient and what part of the rehabilitation process they require assistance with.

Our integrated, holistic approach has the best of a medically informed, biopsychosocial framework of care. Embracing the approach of integrated functional medicine, your patient will benefit from a tailored and comprehensive wellness plan.  You can remain in contact during treatment and provide care in the afterplan developed during their residential recovery stage.


Direct Guest Contact

If you are a busy professional, we know that you may not have a GP and have not had time to seek support from health professionals.

If you are an elite athlete, we know that contract considerations can make it difficult to reach out to your current health professionals.

You may be a health professional yourself and seeking the confidentiality of treatment which can promise privacy.

If you are a public figure, you want a private, confidential treatment option that provides the best in integrated rehab within a luxury setting to help you feel comfortable and safe.

You can contact us directly, and we can assist you with any medical assessments and treatment required before residential recovery.

Contact us to discuss these needs at length with our team.


Expertise in Addiction, Trauma and Mental Health, and Nutrition

The importance of dual-diagnosis in addiction and rehabilitation centres can be underestimated.  Some luxury rehab centers provide a beautiful environment yet don’t provide the expertise found in medically based rehabilition centres, whether for alcohol or drug rehab.

Co-morbidity of trauma, mental health and addiction is common. Those requiring drug rehab or alcohol rehab can receive addiction treatment, but without a more extensive investigation into why addiction occurs, relapse can be more common. In the same way, guiding someone through rehab without looking at underlying biochemical and genetic markers, and any nutritional therapy required, means diagnosis regarding addiction treatment can be hampered.

This is why the team at the Banyans Health and Wellness excels in treatment for addiction rehabilitation.  With Addiction Medicine Specialists, trauma-treating Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Nutritionists working as a team, focused on each guest’s success, treatment is not ‘one-size-fits-all’. The ability for different providers to talk through treatment options, how they interact together, what their observations and recommendations are, all focused on each individual means the best outcomes from holistic drug rehab centres can be found at The Banyans Health and Wellness.