Stress is a part of everyday life for some and it’s easy to get caught with work, relationships, friends, expectations and deadlines. Drawing the line between work and rest, me-time and family time and everything in between is a hard ask.

Understanding when you are becoming stressed and dealing with it from the get go is the only way to get on with life and not let it get in the way! More often than not stress stems from a lack of control, being under prepared, or being concerned about a specific task or person- by identifying when you are getting a bit tense is important.


Mindfulness meditation

This type of meditation is a way of remaining present through focusing on your breathing. Sounds easy? All you need to do it get comfy, close your eyes, and breathe. By doing this, you can calm down and unwind, plus the great thing about this is that you can meditate anywhere, the bus? train? at work? you name it! Start off meditating for a few minutes and build the time up, don’t let your mind wander and try to remain centred.

Believe it or not, practising mindfulness has been proven to increase grey matter in areas of the brain which focus on emotion and learning leading to stress reduction.(i)



In order to calm down and feel less stressed, having a bath and soaking all your stresses away without a doubt will make you feel better. The Sleep Wellness soak from Soak Society is ideal if you need some me-time as the combination of lavender and chamomile is sure to calm your busy mind, every time! Epsom salts are one of the main ingredients in these soaks which are packed full of magnesium which releases serotonin- a great hormone that increases our mood! Me-time is essential for when you’re in a moment of stress as it allows you to re-align your thoughts and get back in action.(2) If you’re able to take care of your mind and allow yourself to have some alone time can suggest that you are valuing and respecting yourself and therefore on the road to understanding how to care for yourself in moments of stress. (3)


Laugh until it hurts!

It’s simple. Laughter releases hormones which make us happier and when we are happier, we are less stressed. Through laughing, we are able to relax, let go, and calm down. Many of our organs are stimulated when we laugh leading to our intake of oxygen-rich air to increase, heart, lungs and muscles stimulation and the release of endorphins in the brain. So next time stress is getting to you, call a friend, put on your favourite comedy and laugh your woes away. (4)


Give yourself a pep talk

It sounds a bit strange I know but when you’re stressed you can become unsure of yourself and through giving yourself a pep talk you’re able to realign your mind. Try it next time you’re stressed and see if it works for you. (5)

At the end of the day, stress is inevitable and no-one can hide from it. Although this is the case, managing it is so important and it is what will help you get on top of it and get on going. Take a deep breath and don’t let it hold you back! (6)

Guest post by Soak Society

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