Feeling overwhelmed, stuck in a rut or unsure about the next move? Sometimes you need is a fresh perspective to bring order to your tangled thoughts. The Banyans offer one-on-one telehealth support and coaching sessions with a Masters-qualified psychologist. Your individual coaching sessions will equip you with the skills to maintain your resilience and navigate the hardships.



Bring clarity to your tangled thoughts.

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One-on-one telehealth therapy sessions

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Receive personalised support from a Masters-qualified psychologist.

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Unique sessions designed for you, to focus on the areas that you want to focus on.

No one should feel confused and alone.

There are many situations in life that can have us feeling tangled in our thoughts. Life is complex, and it’s easy to forget to see the forest from the trees. In a time of digital connectivity like no other, no one deserves to feel like they are doing life without support. No one should feel like they don’t have options to move forward with clarity.


Receive the team, time and tools to move forward.

At The Banyans, we are committed to helping individuals find clarity and rediscover the fullness of life. Our Individual Telehealth Psychology Packages offer you the personalised, skills-based support you need from a Masters-qualified psychologist. Intentionally designed for online or telehealth delivery, your sessions present the opportunity to receive clarity regarding your challenges and decisions, provide professional support and spur you towards positive change.

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Enhance communication and restore your resilience.

With personalised professional coaching and support, you will be able to restore your personal resilience and feel empowered to make decisions that strengthen your wellbeing and vigour for life. Together with your psychologist, you can develop the skills needed to:

  • identify personal values and motivations;
  • make clear and informed decisions;
  • prioritise your thoughts, actions and feelings in a positive and empowering way.
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Meet your qualified psychologist

At The Banyans, all of our psychologists are each Masters-qualified and registered with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA). Receive treatment from some of Australia’s most experienced treating professionals.

Choose the certainty of a great reputation.

When choosing a treatment provider, you want to choose a therapist that knows how to help. The treating professionals at The Banyans have helped hundreds of individuals just like you at our private treatment residence. When you choose The Banyans for support, you are choosing some of Australia’s most experienced therapeutic professionals.

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Choose a trusted and reliable source of support.

Stress, depression or anxiety can make you feel overwhelmed, stuck, irritable or frustrated. Old and inherited thinking patterns can hijack your attempts to navigate through dark or difficult thoughts into health or joy. Accessing personalised, one-on-one therapy can provide the springboard to help you to master your thoughts and emotions.

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Begin seeking support today.


Equip yourself with skills needed to feel confident and supported amidst a potentially turbulent relationship. Our Support and Coaching packages can help you find positive wellbeing and practical skills. Enhance your communication and encourage your loved one towards personal help seeking.


Arrange your first session with a qualified psychologist.

Three sessions

$995 (inc. GST)

Five sessions

$1 495 (inc. GST)

Frequently Asked Questions


Typically, one telehealth session with go for 45-60 minutes. Your therapist may also recommend therapeutically beneficial activities or readings for you to complete outside the scheduled session time.

No, The Banyans is not supported by Medicare or Private Health Insurance. Your telehealth sessions are entirely out of pocket and purchased in advance. For more information, you can contact an Intake Manager on 1300 BANYAN (+61 1300 226 926).

Telehealth psychology sessions are undertaken with user-friendly online or telecommunications software, like Zoom or via telephone. At a pre-scheduled time, your psychologist will contact you using the desired platform.

For more information about telehealth and how it works, you can learn more on The Banyans blog.

Our Intake Team and therapist will be able to discuss these options with you if you desire more than three or five telehealth sessions.

The Banyans understands that not everyone can attend sessions during business hours. As such, there are limited availabilities for outside business hours (after 5pm or on weekends). This can be discussed with our Intake Team and your therapist as required.

This depends on how many others are currently accessing support from The Banyans Health and Wellness. For more information, do not hesitate to contact our Intake Team on 1300 BANYAN (+61 1300 226 926).

Not sure if telehealth is right for you?

Your commitments and barriers to treatment are valid. You are not a failure for needing support. We are here to help you navigate your options, and find a solution.

Ask our team to arrange a free, non-obligatory consult to see if telehealth therapy is right for you.


I could not have asked for a better therapy team.

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