Experiences of rehab in Melbourne are varied. Discover why The Banyans’ commitment to consistent, high-quality treatment for addiction sets them above the rest.


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If you’re looking for rehab centres in Victoria, you might be a little overwhelmed with the options. Rehab in Melbourne is not created equal, and you might wonder what the difference is between what different centres have to offer.

Overcoming any type of addiction is no easy task, and finding the best rehab to support you while you undertake this important journey is crucial.

At The Banyans, we understand that addiction can happen to anyone. We’re rated as one of the best private rehab centres in Victoria – and Australia – and we’re here to help you overcome the challenge of addiction.


The Need For Rehab in Melbourne

When seeking out rehab in Melbourne, it can be helpful to know that you are not alone.

It may surprise you that an estimated 1 in 20 Australians has an addiction or substance abuse problem. According to recent reports, Australia was ranked first in the world for meth consumption and 5th for MDMA consumption.

Australians were also named the heaviest drinkers in the world in an international 2021 survey after spending more time drunk in 2020 than any other nation. The report also found that almost a quarter of Australians regret becoming intoxicated.

Melbourne has been rated one of the highest states for overall alcohol consumption and some illicit drug use.

Data also tells us that while many Australians can struggle with substance misuse, this number is coming down. The need for rehab as more people become aware of their situation and seek support to overcome substance addiction is vital at this time.


The Banyans: Rehab in Melbourne With a Difference

The Banyans is Australia’s most trusted private drug and alcohol rehabilitation services provider. Providing tailored treatment plans created by a team of dedicated professionals, our programs are designed to heal the mind and body in a luxurious retreat-styled environment.

We understand that addiction can strike anyone at any time, and that’s why our highly qualified staff will ensure your treatments are of the highest quality and met with compassion and care during your stay.

Recognising your unhealthy relationship with drugs and/or alcohol is an important recovery step. From the first moment you step inside our facilities, our staff are here to welcome, support, care and celebrate this first step and every consequent step you make on your journey to becoming addiction-free.


Explore Rehabilitation Services for All Walks of Life

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Addiction is not a socio-economic problem and doesn’t discriminate between race, gender, social status, or financial standing.

Many high-level executives, elite athletes, and public figures turn to drugs and alcohol to help deal with the stress of high-profile, high-pressure lifestyles.

The Banyans is committed to providing complete confidentiality so clients can focus on their recovery and have the best chance of rehabilitation without the stress of public attention and judgment.


Why Guests Choose The Banyans When Looking for Rehab in Melbourne

View of The Banyans, Melbourne's preferred rehab
The Banyans luxury, private, drug and alcohol rehab is Melbourne’s preferred treatment centre

The Banyans Health and Wellness centres are run by a professional and qualified team of experts – including addiction specialists. Our centres do not offer a one-size-fits-all pre-packaged approach to alcohol – they’re uniquely developed to match individual needs and support any form of substance misuse.

Our personnel staff, medical doctors and psychologists work with a suite of other health and wellness professionals, such as nutritionists, equine therapy therapists, holistic therapists, and wellness specialists, to build a tailored treatment plan for physical and emotional recovery.

The Banyans’ takes a holistic approach to treatment, creating fully integrated health and wellness experiences in a relaxed, luxury retreat that eschews the media depictions of rehab and delivers an entirely enriching experience.


Rehab at The Banyans: What to Expect

Man engaging horse therapy at The Banyans rehab

Set in stunning surroundings and delivering effective results, your stay at The Banyans is a time to unwind and recuperate in privacy and comfort to ensure you leave on the correct path.

Our treatment plans have been specially designed to integrate mental and physical therapies, building health and strength in your body and mind. Each individual will have a treatment plan designed for them to address their addictions and triggers and achieve their goals.

A typical treatment plan will incorporate elements of the following:

  • Medical Assessments & Medical Review
  • Psychiatric & Psychological Assessments
  • Pathology & DNA Testing
  • Nutritional Planning
  • Private Therapy with Master’s Qualified Professionals
  • Evidence-based Additional Therapies, including Equine Assisted Therapy
  • Art & Music therapy
  • Physical Therapies, including personal training, martial arts, yoga, swimming, bush walks, country running and more
  • Spa Therapies
  • Social & Recreational Activities (if desired)
  • Family Coaching & Support
  • Extensive Aftercare via Return to Life Plan

Read more about a typical day of treatment at The Banyans here.



Doug’s Addiction Recovery with The Banyans

After battling an ice addiction for ten years, Doug, thirty, engaged in a residential addiction rehab program with The Banyans. Three years later, Doug says his life today is incomparable. This is Doug’s story.



“It’s just the fact it’s a one-on-one focus and that made me feel that I wasn’t just a number. It’s tailored to suit my background and this holistic approach I favoured was exactly what I needed. It gave me the necessary tools to succeed and move forward in mind, body and soul.”


Woman engaging The Banyans rehab in Melbourne

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The Banyans is Australia’s most trusted private drug and alcohol rehabilitation services provider. Providing tailored treatment plans created by a team of dedicated professionals, our programs are designed to heal the mind and body in a luxurious retreat-styled environment.