If we were just scratching the surface, emotional wellness could be summed up in a single word: feelings. How we feel is a powerful indicator of whether we are emotionally healthy. However, emotional wellness is much more than that. It also has to do with how we respond to the stressors that we encounter in our everyday life, big or small. This is because how we handle stress is deeply connected to how we feel.

According to Psychology Today, stress is defined as anything that “disturbs our mental or physical equilibrium”. Sometimes, when the stressors are big enough, our emotional coping resources can be overwhelmed – we feel as if we simply cannot handle the situation. While we can try our best to change our lifestyle to reduce the amount of stress we encounter, unfortunately we will never be able to avoid it completely. The focus of emotional wellness is not about preventatively eliminating all stress from our lives; rather, it is about learning how to deal with stress in a healthy way when it comes.


The University of Illinois Wellness Centre defines emotional wellness as “not an end stage but a continual process of changes and growth. Emotional wellness enables one to maintain satisfying relationships, deal with conflict and remain grounded during stressful times”.


This means that our emotional wellness goes much deeper than our happiness or lack thereof. It also has to do with how we react when unpleasant events happen in our lives that are beyond our control. Sometimes we have learned methods of coping with stress or emotional pain that are harmful to ourselves or to others, and we need help in learning new ways.

At the Banyans, we understand that being emotionally well does not always come easily. This is why we have put together an expert team of therapists, health practitioners and wellness coaches to help our guests find healing and wholeness for their mind, body, and soul. Our team includes addiction specialist Dr. Christian Rowan, senior psychologist Peter Hayton, and psychiatrist and EAGALA-certified therapist Dr. Anja Kriegeskotten. Each guest has a personalized plan developed for them to help them break through the barriers that are holding them back from living an emotionally healthy life.

With the safety and comfort of being supported by Australian qualified practitioners, The Banyans provides a recovery opportunity through a private luxury wellness residence – Australia’s newest and most comprehensive health and wellness experience.

Designed for integrated restoration, and with an expert team of therapists, health practitioners and wellness coaches, The Banyans Health and Wellness Residence is a place where body and soul prosper in an environment of rest, wellness and inspired living.

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