At The Banyans Health and Wellness, guests receive the most comprehensive approach to recovery from anxiety conditions.

Your individually designed program will focus your energies on learning long-term skills and strategies for sustainable management, recovery and restoration. Anxiety conditions can be treated and managed with thorough professional support.

Program Highlights
  • Multidisciplinary approach to therapy equips individuals with a diverse array of skills and strategies for long-term management and recovery
  • Onsite psychiatry and psychology consultations to facilitate deep insight into underlying factors contributing to anxiety and tools for ongoing treatment
  • Round the clock support staff for emotional support

Medical support

Onsite medical specialists and psychiatrists undertake medication reviews, or may prescribe new medications to assist in bringing a guest’s anxiety under control. In addition to regular consultations with onsite nurses, medical supervision ensures that your physical health is cared for throughout your time at The Banyans.

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Physical exercise and yoga therapy

Your program at The Banyans will include sessions with a personal trainer, and yoga sessions with our qualified exercise yoga therapist. Designed by the Exercise Physiologist, your physical health program will help you achieve your goals and encourage a regular exercise pattern in your everyday life. Some symptoms of anxiety conditions such as shallow breathing, lethargy, insomnia and feelings of “nervous energy” have shown to be improved by physical exercise and yoga techniques.


Nutritional analysis

The Nutritionist at The Banyans can undertake a series of advanced genetic tests to identify intolerances in your diet that may be contributing to gut inflammation and hormonal imbalance. Research has shown that these can have noticeable influences on your emotional health and wellbeing, including expressions of anxiety.


Support staff

For individuals experiencing anxiety conditions, it may be daunting to stay in a residential facility without your comforts and loved ones. A team member from The Banyans Health and Wellness is onsite around the clock; yet your private suite also ensures that you have the space and privacy you desire.

Pouring in the cup

For those who may be experiencing more than one condition, the personalised nature of each program can incorporate elements of treatment for multiple conditions. We are able to incorporate elements of treatment for depression, substance misuse and abuse, chronic stress, trauma, and eating disorder into a program for anxiety.

I found the individualised program at The Banyans very beneficial to my recovery because I was able to apply techniques that were specific to what I wanted to fix. I discovered new programs and methods of managing my anxiety.

– Previous Guest