Ruth Limkin, Chief Executive Officer at The Banyans: the underlying philosophy of The Banyan’s Health and Wellness is helping people live life to the full. And we do that by helping people understand the causes behind some of the health issues and well-being issues that they’re experiencing, and help them find really great solutions for it.

Joey, Wellness Advocate and former alcoholic: Out here, you’ve got the peace, the quiet the beautiful view. You have all of this serenity which is very very important, but there is an enormous amount of care provided her: good nutrition, good support. There is a very good combination of skills here at The Banyans for assisting the recovering addict.

I have psychologists and psychiatrists, you know that the medical side of things is all here. There is so much support here, and it’s all ready so that you can just walk in and get started.

Ruth Limkin: When people walk into The Banyans Wellness Residence they walk into an environment of care, of respect and of joy, and they’re three of our core values.

What I love is hearing the feedback from people about not just how incredible the staff are, but how the whole experience has been transformative for them.